This $100 Million Copywriting System
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Skyrocket your copy income while working fewer hours, gain a MASSIVE edge in the direct response industry, and learn the most valuable skill in internet marketing… for FREE. 

Written by Ning Li, copy chief of PaleoHacks, a multi-million dollar cookbook company - and copywriting coach for over 400 students with hundreds of success stories. 

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This One Copywriting System Has Been Responsible For Over $100 Million+ In Sales - Today, It’s Yours FREE

Hey, it’s Ning Li here.

What if I told you in the next 3 seconds, you could make a stupidly simple decision…

That could give you a 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999% return on your money?

Let me explain. 

There’s 1 skill that trumps everything else you could be doing on the internet. 

Because if you master this 1 skill, you’ll make more money than you could ever dream of…

Money that transforms your life. 

   Thanks to this 1 skill, I’ve:

  • Taken my lovely wife on PAID VACATIONS to Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bali, and more. While there, money just kept going into my bank account while I sat on the beach and drank mai tais
  • Cleared over $43,000 in a single month while working less than 30 hours a week (I still had enough time to surf and play video games)
  • Achieved my life dream of surfing at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch (which costs $50,000 to book for a single day)
  • I’m on pace to DOUBLE my personal income in 2022
  • Sold over $30 million worth of products for PaleoHacks and helped my students and other businesses clear more than $70 million in total sales

All this was thanks to learning just 1 skill. 

That skill is copywriting. 


Copywriting Can Unlock The Life Of Total, Absolute
Freedom You’ve Always Dreamed About  

A life where you don’t have to wake up and dread the coming day…

 You don’t have to work a dead end job you hate…

 You don’t have to sit in traffic or answer to an asshole boss you can’t say no to…

 You don’t have to struggle to make ends meet in your freelance career. 

 Copywriting can give you a life where you work when you want, for as long as you want. 

 Want to work 2 hours a day for an entire summer?

 Great, I’ve done it. 

 Want to randomly take a day off, play hookie, and run off to Sea World?

I’ve done that too.

How about taking an impromptu vacation to some exotic country with a beach on a whim?

 Or taking your spouse’s entire family to dinner and picking up the check?

 All the while, you’re in such a place of financial abundance that you don’t even look at your bank account to check if all these things are “okay.”

 Believe me because I’ve seen it over and over again in my students, and I actually live this life. 

 It’s all thanks to copywriting. 



Ignore All The Other Shiny Objects Because Today,
I’m Going To Hand You The System That Lets You Master This One High-Income Skill For FREE

The reason I say you can get a 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999% return on your money is because this one system is responsible for more than $100 million in sales…

And the amount of money you have to spend to get it today is ZERO.

If we’re calculating ROI…

100 million divided by zero is pretty much… infinite (yay math team in high school!)

Would you take a guaranteed infinite ROI investment?

Oh yeah - it also takes just 3 seconds to download.

In 3 seconds, you can completely change the trajectory of your finances going forward.

So yeah, go ahead and put in your info, click that button at the bottom of this page, and grab it now before I come to my senses and start charging money for this thing I wrote.

Who am I?

My Name’s Ning Li, And I Believe I’ve Coached More
Copywriters 1-On-1 Than Anyone Else On The Planet

I do it because I absolutely love it and it’s incredibly fulfilling for me…

But it wasn’t always that way.

When I started learning copy, I was so dirt poor I ate 99 cent ramen packets for dinner every night…

And I slept on a mattress on the floor.

But because I focused all my focus, energy, and motivation into learning this 1 skill, doors started opening up for me.

Dan Ferrari and Aaron Winter, two copywriting legends and some of the smartest marketers alive, hired me and trained me from the ground up because they saw potential in me.

Dan Ferrari and me at Copy Accelerator Mastermind

(Side note: Dan’s going to be the best man at my wedding in a few months!)

Thanks to their world-class mentorship, I wrote controls for Agora, Organifi, New Market Health, and eventually got hired by PaleoHacks, an 8 figure cookbook company. 

I got to do a project and learn from David Deutsch, an OG in the direct mail space. 

Dave Sinick and Mike Geary (the owners of PaleoHacks) believed in me so much that they paid for my entire Copy Accelerator membership back when it was like $30,000 for the year… so I got to learn from even MORE super smart people for FREE.

Recently, I flew to a mastermind at one of Mike Geary’s mansions at a Utah ski resort and picked the brains of incredibly smart business owners like Emily Lark and Perry Belcher.

I even appeared on podcasts like Maria Sparagis’ Uncensored Direct Marketing and Justin Goff’s YouTube channel. 

Thanks to copywriting, I have to pinch myself sometimes…

And then I’m flooded with an immense surge of gratitude that I discovered this world…

And that I stuck with it. 

It’s this passion and drive that also led me to copy coaching.

One Fateful Day At The 2018 Traffic & Conversion Event, I Met Derek Johanson, The Owner Of CopyHour, A Business That Teaches Copywriting


Derek basically told me…

“I’ve got a bunch of students who’ve taken copywriting courses, and some have had a little experience with clients… but I’m looking for someone to coach them on how to make more money.”

Thus, my coaching career began. 

I started coaching a small group of copywriters for 2 months at a time. 

I coached them to massive success. 

And word started quickly spreading. 

More and more students started coming to me…

And today, 4 years later, I’ve become one of the leading coaches in the industry. 

Copy Accelerator used to have these long form copywriting contests… where a bunch of writers would try to win 2 spots to write a control. 

6 out of the first 8 winners were my students. 


It Was Such A Breakthrough That Stefan Georgi Sought Me Out To Be Copy Accelerator’s First 1-On-1 Copy Coach

(After 8 months, they couldn’t afford my rates so I now just do group coaching for them)

Today, I’ve coached over 400 copywriters… 

I’ve seen and worked on thousands of different businesses, offers, and sales pages. 

I’ve coached hundreds of success stories. 

Here are just a few:

  • Luke Mills studied with me for about a year before becoming Stefan Georgi’s right hand man and making $30k to $50k a month
  • Joel Boomer went from total beginner to making $5k a month in 3 months of coaching. He now works in the same agency under Aaron Winter I mentored under, writing controls for Agora
  • Jonathan Fisher also started from nothing - now, he makes between $5k and $15k a month writing long forms for Investing Daily and other companies
  • Eric Panter landed jobs and increased his income within the first 2 weeks of coaching with me
  • Tiana Asperjan landed a retainer with a HUGE name in the industry who has one of the biggest health email lists around and increased her income past $10k a month

My other students have included Art McDermott, Elizabeth Barton, Gurleen Singh, Joshua Copeland, Joshua Albanese, and more…

There are honestly too many to count…

And not enough space to tell all the incredible success stories. 

So out of complete laziness on my part (hahahaha) here’s a HUGE wall of proof so you know my coaching is legit:

What Other Copywriters And Business Owners Have Said About Ning Li Copy Coaching

Andy M. from Nigeria was able to land jobs with Dan Ferrari and got his foot in the door with a huge financial publisher within 2 months of coaching.


Luke S. landed a gig with multi-million dollar owner of Breakthrough Guitar, Jonathan Boyd and has a deal with Michael Rochin in the works thanks to Ning Li coaching. 


Tiana A. earned a dream retainer with the owner of a huge email list in the health space - and boosted her income past $10k / month.


Robert S. was able to conquer mindset blocks that had been holding him back for 15+ years.


Carolyn S. mentioned that she’s learned more from my coaching than from any other copywriting course.



After all my coaching and writing, I’ve distilled winning copy down to just a few simple concepts.

I found myself teaching these - the fundamentals everyone is ignoring - over and over again in my coaching.

That’s how this book, High Income Copy Templates, came about.

It was originally meant to save me time in my 1-on-1 copy coaching…

And at one point, I ran a pretty successful promotion selling it at $97.

Then I thought, “hey, why not give this out for FREE?”

It’ll help level-up the entire community…

It’ll introduce writers to my coaching style and my copywriting world…

And it’ll give ANYONE a chance at becoming an A-list copywriter…

Even if they’re starting with ZERO money like I did.

It’s my personal guarantee that if you read this book and put the concepts into practice, it’ll put you ahead of 80% of all the copywriters in the industry.

You WILL increase your copywriting income.

And you will gain an invaluable skill that will pay you for a lifetime.

So put in your info below and grab your FREE copy today.

I’ll see you inside,


This $100 Million Copywriting System
Is Yours Today FREE

Skyrocket your copy income while working fewer hours, gain a MASSIVE edge in the direct response industry, and learn the most valuable skill in internet marketing… for FREE. 

Written by Ning Li, copy chief of PaleoHacks, a multi-million dollar cookbook company - and copywriting coach for over 400 students with hundreds of success stories. 

Download your PDF Ebook in 3 seconds today - just put in your information below. 

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