Proof And Testimonials For Ning Li’s Copywriting Services, Marketing Consulting, Coaching Mentorships, And Mindset Trainings


Ning Li Has Sold Over $30 Million Worth Of Product Online. He’s written controls for Organifi, Agora, New Market Health, and other leading direct response companies. 

From 2018-2022, he was the copy chief for PaleoHacks, where he handled all funnel work, split tests, new product development, and copywriting. In that time, he: 

  • Wrote multiple sales page with over 13% conversion rate 
  • Oversaw split tests for more than 17 different funnels 
  • Scaled two offers to 1000 sales a day  
  • Launched an offer in a totally new product line that broke the company revenue record for a segment send to the email list, with a $5.50 EPC 
  • Added more than $4 in AOV to a F+S funnel with 1 change to upsell 1 
  • Beat a control by 2.5X for an offer from a company that PaleoHacks acquired 
  • Developed a continuity offer that fundamentally changed the business overnight 
  • Tripled PaleoHacks’ bottom line revenue in 3 years 
  • Had a hot streak where he wrote 10 winning promotions in a row for PaleoHacks and didn’t have a losing sales page for 2 years - this hot streak ended when he quit his long-standing position to work on his own coaching business 

In 2021, Copy Accelerator (a copywriting mastermind headed by Justin Goff and Stefan Georgi) hired Ning Li to be their first 1-on-1 coach. Ning also recently left this position to work on his own coaching business.  


Here’s what some other A-list copywriters and business owners have said about Ning Li and his services:

Dan Ferrari, World's #1 Financial Copywriting Coach


"These dudes are the real deal! Austin & Ning have been cranking some of the most profit shattering sales letters I’ve ever seen. In fact, to keep an edge with my ad agency, I make it a priority to hire them on the spot provided they’re not already overbooked. 

I wish I had people of their caliber mentoring me when I was getting started. Let’s just say I estimate I would be at least 5 years ahead of the curve."

Derek Johanson, Founder of


"When Austin & Ning joined Copy Hour Class 2016, no one knew who they were. I’ve since seen them rise to superstardom & produce million dollar sales letters. I’m still baffled at how fast they’ve learned the craft. If you really want to master the art of effective copy & learn how to build your copywriting freelance business at the same time, then you owe it to yourself to check them out. Just do what they say and you’ll thank me later "

Stefan Georgi 


"There are few people I know who truly understand copywriting on a fundamental level, yet Ning Li is one of them. A brilliant marketing mind and an exceptional writer, he has a gift for taking his vast knowledge and distilling it down into essential chunks that anyone can grasp. Whether you’re a beginner, or seasoned pro, or a verified A Lister, you can absolutely benefit from a conversation with Ning. We’ve been lucky enough to have Ning as a coach in our Copy Accelerator program for the last 6 months or so, and it’s borderline-outrageous how much our copywriters have benefitted from his coaching. From his keen eye for detail to his brilliant brain, I’ve seen a single phone call with Ning benefit writers more than years of self-directed study or binging courses. Seriously, if you’ve got the opportunity to work with Ning in any capacity, do so immediately. I guarantee you will be happy that you did."

Justin Goff


"Ning Li is the marketing powerhouse behind PaleoHacks explosive growth these past few years. He makes great decisions in writing copy, implementing upsells, and he’s also a pleasure to be around.  Ning was our first 1-on-1 copy coach we hired in our Copy Accelerator program, and pretty much every writer who got on a call with him left amazing reviews. If you’re a copywriter and want to level up your game, I definitely recommend Ning's coaching. thank me later "

 He’s coached over 400 copywriters of all levels, with more hours mentoring writers 1-on-1 than nearly any other copy coach in the business. Here are some of his success stories:

Luke Mills coached with me for 1 year, then became Stefan Georgi’s right hand man. Today, this legendary tag team writes monster controls that earn Luke $30k-$50k / month in profit

Jonathan Fisher went from charging pennies on Fiverr and Upwork to landing $7,500 gigs writing sales letters huge financial publishers

Joel Boomer started with ZERO experience, ZERO clients, and ZERO income. Three months later, he landed a $5,000 sales letter gig. Today, he works with a world-class agency writing for different factions of Agora

Tiana Asperjan leveled up her copy income past $10k / month in 8 weeks of coaching by landing a retainer with a “whale client” - the owner of one of the biggest health email lists in the industry

Eric Panter more than TRIPLED his income in 2 months and called this coaching program “one of the most pivotal and most defining decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. And I say this with 100% complete sincerity.”

Jon Fisher - “Very quickly, I was making massive gains to my skill set. It was incredible. In a period of 9 days, I got a bunch of clients. This is the thing that makes this program, in my opinion, the best I’ve ever seen.”


Tom Clayson - “Within 30 days of the program ending, I had 2 big retainer clients paying me $1,000 a month and $5,000 a month, respectively. It’s only gotten better since.”


Tiana Asperjan - “My income has shot up over $10k a month as a freelance copywriter. Ning has truly been with me every step of the way, I cannot recommend him and his coaching program any more highly.”


Eric Panter - “Every dollar I invested to that point in coaching has come back to me tenfold. My income is more than triple from when I started.”


Carolyn Santo - “He’s helped me make my copy SO much better. So if you get a chance to work with him or have him look at your copy, you better grab it because it literally can change the way your career is going.”


Lana Sova - “On the first call he made one teeny tiny tweak that changed my copy forever.”


Luke Sipka - “By the third week, I was a totally different writer. It was worth every penny. I probably could’ve paid more.”


Brandon Hunt - “My offer is converting at 2.5% on cold traffic, I’m about to scale it up. If you’re on the fence, you should definitely do it.”


Andy Mukolo - “Ning’s coaching has been amazing and what I paid is nothing compared to the HUGE progress I made.”


Josh Copeland - “Ning is a genius. Ever since I started working with him I’ve been working with some of the top biggest businesses in the industry. I’ve just been getting clients all over the place.”


Here’s What Students Have Had To Say About Ning Li’s Mindset Coaching And Spirit Quest Live:

Robert Segelquist - “He understands the psychology of how to work through it - more so than say a talk therapist. The results have been exponential for me. We pretty much conquered a suicidal hill I’ve been dealing with for 20 years.”


Kenny Aronson - “I went to Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within. I felt good afterwards, but a couple weeks later the motivation was gone. With Ning, I feel like a completely new person.”


Eric Panter - “My anxieties, my tensions, and my inner struggles have faded away more and more each day.”


Jason Watson - “I immediately went from being in a position of working really hard and making 8k a month to having an 18k month just a few weeks later. I believe I made back my money in about 2 phone calls with Ning.”


John Sawicki - “After about 2 weeks of working with Ning I felt about an 80% reduction in the mental stuff that’s been holding me back and weighing me down for decades. It feels like I crammed a very intense therapeutic process into a very short amount of time.”


Peter Lu - “What he’s done for me in terms of my self-worth, my money boundaries, and my money mindset - it’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. It’s been the most spiritually transformational program I’ve ever signed up for.”


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