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1 Hour Copy Feedback OR Business Strategy Call - $1000


I will look at your copy, hop on a Zoom call with you, and give you feedback on how to improve it. 

Or I will give you feedback on your client acquisition strategy. Most copywriters struggle with getting clients. I will take a look at your client interactions, your copy, and your strategy, and give you feedback as to why you are struggling and how to fix it.

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60 Minute Mindset Session - $1000


I will hop on a Zoom call with you and direct you through a mindset session to fix whatever mindset blocks you are struggling with. It may be imposter syndrome, money blocks, confidence issues, anxiety, issues with clients, relationship issues, anything - I’ve seen (and fixed) it all.

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1-On-1 Coaching For One Month - $2500 (Application Only)


I will work with you for 4 weeks to improve your copy, your client strategy, and your mindset. As a result, your income will skyrocket. Many students see a 2X to 3X increase to their monthly income. Each week, you are allowed to book 2 copy feedback or business strategy calls and one mindset call. You will also get Slack access to me. Click the link below for more info.

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Spirit Quest Weekend 1-On-1 Healing Ceremony - $3500 

(Book Through Call Only)


I will work with you 1-on-1 over a single weekend to unwire your mindset blocks. You will fly into San Diego on Friday (or Saturday morning) and fly out on Monday (or Sunday evening). Over the two day weekend, we will do intense mindset work and I will guide you through a sacred healing ceremony at my place in Pacific Beach. You will release mindset blocks that you’ve been dealing with your entire life, and will come out the other side a different person. Students who go through this often say it’s the equivalent of 10 years of therapy crammed into a single weekend - the one difference being, of course, that it actually works. 

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Zero to $5K Video Course For Beginner Copywriters


This is an 8 week video course where I take total beginners through a copywriting curriculum. First, you will learn how to write direct response emails. Then, you will learn client acquisition. Finally, you will refine these strategies and aim for higher paying projects. You will also learn an intro to my mindset and inner child healing method.

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The Email Copywriter Beginner’s Course



Ning Li’s Ascension Mastermind