11-Word Question Fixes Flat Copy

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2022

One of my superpowers as a coach is to look at a piece of copy…

…and transform it from “meh” to “WOAH!


Whenever a line of copy feels flat and makes my eyes glaze over, I ask:

“If this was a movie scene, what would I be seeing?”

The reason this 11-word question works is because we think in pictures, not words.

When you create a picture in your reader’s head, your copy becomes more interesting…

People are more likely to reach the end of your message…

And when more people reach the end of your message conversions soar.

Let’s say you sell a skin-care product.

“Improve your looks” is a commonly used benefit that doesn’t mean much.

How about “reduce wrinkles”?

Or “wipe years off your face”? 

Or “your skin will radiate in as little as 30 minutes”? 

More visual and more powerful, right?

Now, try this yourself.

Find a piece of copy you wrote…

Whenever a sentence feels boring, highlight it…

Continue until you’ve read the entire piece…

Then, go through each highlighted segment and ask:

“If this was a movie scene, what would I be seeing?”

Try to tweak your copy based on your answer.

Seems hard?

Don’t worry - you still haven’t built this muscle and it’s weak.

With practice, it will get stronger.

In fact, here’s a tip to help ya:

Read high-converting sales letters in your niche and find sentences that create pictures in your head.

Then place those sentences inside a “phrasebook”

This phrasebook will be your best friend moving forward.

Whenever a sentence feels flat, skim through your phrasebook, and replace it with another, more visual sentence.

Do this enough times and your copy will flow like silk in the breeze.


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- Ning 


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