3 Easy-to-Find Ingredients Make Your Copy Convert MOOOAR

copywriting Jul 11, 2022

Just like salt can make a dish go from "blah" to "YUMMY"...

...there are 3 ingredients you can sprinkle your copy with that will make it go from "ARGH this thing bombed" to "HOT DAMN! Look at all those sales!"


Here's what I want you to do:

Go on Reddit (reddit.com) and find a subreddit where your prospects talk about their problem. 

Let's say you sell to women who want to lose weight. 

One of the most active subreddits for this market is https://reddit.com/r/loseit 

It has 3,400,000 members who post and comment daily. Sweet.


Pay attention to posts that have high "upvotes" and a ton of comments. 

Those are the ones that the most people resonate with.

Your job is to look for the following copy ingredients:

  1. common challenges
  2. specific language patterns
  3. interesting stories your prospect uses to talk about their problem

Take for example this beauty of a post: 

I’m still fat but I look so good! I’m so proud of myself. I can’t get over how far I’ve come.

1,400 upvotes - not bad!

Let's see some comments along with my thoughts:

I never struggle finding my size in stores anymore. I don’t even need to shop in the plus size section, I can fit straight size brands easily! I can buy from basically any brand (apart from one size fits small ones) and know they’ll have my size and clothes that fit me. 

^ Pretty cool, right? 

I have never been an overweight woman (I swear hahaha!) 

So I didn't know buying from any brand they want is a challenge for them.

Think this will help me empathize with them when I write copy?


And if your audience feels that you get them, you're a step closer to the sale.


I caught a glimpse of my reflection in glass doors the other day and thought “oh my gosh I’m skinny” and saw my face in a mirror and thought “I’m pretty hot for a 40-year-old”. 

^ How's this for language patterns? 

"Oh my gosh, I'm skinny!" is a great headline or subject line you could test.

You could also turn it into a short email story and lead to test.

=== Side note === 

Savvy clients always drive tons of email traffic. 

If an email angle kicks butt the client will ask you to turn it into a sales letter lead and test it.

After all, offers fatigue. Coming up with new, interesting angles is important to all DR businesses.

Emails cost around $200 a pop and leads up to $1,000. 

So if your client is savvy…

…and you hunt for those copy ingredients…

…you can even create extra paid work out of thin air. 

Simply tell them, “hey I was going through this forum and found this epic angle. I’d like to test it in an email and if it performs well, we can turn it into a lead. You want me to do it?”

=== End of side note ===


I'm making a Star Wars themed cosplay just for fun because I've always wanted to do things like that but never had the confidence.

^ Are you paying attention? 

We just went a level deeper into our market's "why." 

Sure, they all want to lose weight. 

But how about this extra layer - dressing as a Star Wars character because it's fun


Not a huge deal if you're already thin.

But to your market? It's something they probably wanted for years or even decades. 

OK, last one...

I’ve lost about 60 pounds but for the first time I don’t cringe when I see pictures of me. The only things I used to see first were all the ways I looked fat, and now I see me first, even though I still have a ways to go.


This could be an amazing addition to an "after" story. 

Imagine adding this little nugget to your sales page. 

What your prospect's reaction will be? 

I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME! Here's my credit card, thank you very much!




And there you have it, my dear Top Gun.

Ask any copywriter who regularly makes $5,000...$10,000...$15,000 or more per month…

We all sprinkle those 3 ingredients into our copy. 

Yes, it’s a bit time-consuming to find them.

But you'll save time when you sit down to write (writer's block will magically disappear)

Your copy will convert like crazy.

And clients will gladly pay you those big, fat checks you've been salivating over ;-) 

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