4+1 email frameworks copywriting clients DESPERATELY need

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2023

Common question I get from people is:

I understand that emails are a great way to get started with copywriting but what should I actually write? It feels as if every business uses a different style so I get overwhelmed and confused

What works the best when teaching email is to show frameworks clients use in their business. 

This way, students not only learn what’s effective…

They are also more confident when they pitch their services…

Because clients DESPERATELY need emails that follow the proven frameworks. 

With that said, let’s the frameworks, shall we?

(Hat tip to Justin Goff who outlined and popularized them)


  • Contrarian 


State something that goes against the grain.

If you're in weight loss, you tell people to stop eating salads.

If you’re in Facebook ads, you tell people to write ads that might trigger the algo.

If you're in copywriting, you tell people to fix their mindset before investing in another course or mastermind

Now, there's a caveat here...

You need a solid case

You can't tell overweight people to stop eating salads…

Without PROVING what you say is the right way of doing things. 

Otherwise people will get pissed off, unsubscribe or even mark you as spam.


  • Curiosity


Those emails are driven by the vehicle…

Aka, the "thing" that gives the desired outcome.

If you're in muscle building, it could be a purple banana

If you're in marketing, it could be a two centuries old book

If you're in heart-health, it could be a bizarre muscle stretch (after all, the heart is a muscle)


Your vehicle MUST be unique, interesting, and visual...

Otherwise people will think “I’ve seen this already” and not open or click your emails.


  • Story-telling


Good stories have a "heaven and hell" feel to them.

The protagonist experiences hell...

And then finds heaven.

They found heaven either thanks to your product…

Or thanks to something your product delivers. 

Please be ethical here.

Don't make up stories. 

If you have a great story that has nothing to do with your product, use it. 

In your transition however, don't say the protagonist achieved the desired outcome thanks to your offer. 

It won't be as powerful, but it's still strong. 

Plus you'll sleep better at night.


  • News-related 


Take a look at what's happening in the world right now.

Can you write an email about a news topic...

And tie it with your offer?

If China buys more gold than usual, connect it with your financial newsletter.

If a J-Lo posts a great photo on Instagram, talk about her skin-care routine.

If someone in your niche dies, write an email with lessons you learned from them.

The sky is the limit here.

Ask yourself "how can I connect this with what I'm promoting?"

Your mind is an imagination powerhouse and will come up with an answer.




Of course, there are more email frameworks.

For example, the one I used here is “question and answer.”

Feel free to dissect it and notice patterns that will help you write your own emails ;-)


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