6 warning signs of a true NIGHTMARE client

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2023

Here are 6 warning signs that you might be dealing with a NIGHTMARE client: 

  • They yell at you
  • They pay you pennies - and it takes forever for them to pay you
  • They self-sabotage their own business
  • They are a pain in the BLEEEP to work with
  • They demand more and more from you (push scope of work)
  • They don't respect your boundaries

I HOPE your clients are nothing like that.

Worst case, they should have one or two of those warning signs.

Now, let’s see what DREAM clients look like, shall we?

  • They are kind to you 
  • They pay you what you're worth (and even surprise you with sweet bonuses)
  • They always try to take their business to the next level 
  • They are a joy to work with
  • They only ask what you agreed to 
  • They respect your boundaries

 And before you roll your eyes…

There ARE clients like that. 

I know because my coaching students and I had the joy to work with A+++ copywriting clients. 

(Hint: you don’t have to be an A-list copywriter to land A-list clients ;-) )

How did we do it?

I explain everything in a short value-packed video I put together for you.

>>> Discover how to land DREAM clients even if you’re a newbie

- Ning 



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