A breakdown of my new winning VSL (21-day blood sugar reboot)

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2024

Okay, so I don’t often do this…

But today I’m going to share a little breakdown of my new winning VSL. 

I’m not gonna share all the secrets…

Because I still do want to keep my edge in the health industry. 

However, I will at least give you some hints and show you a swipe of my latest, newest copy that I’ve written. 

This promo hit the top 10 sends of the year in revenue on Mike Geary’s Nutrition Watchdog list last week. 

It’s a massive, massive winner, about to receive a dump load of traffic in the coming weeks as it spreads across the email networks. 

You can check it out here:

21-Day Blood Sugar Reboot

Stash it in your swipe folder. 

Study it. 

Hand-copy it if you want. 

I’ll point out some things to note here:

  • We tested 4 different leads, including a nightmare story lead - the chocolate cake lead won. 
  • This promo is pretty heavy on the interesting, useful facts (“food nuggets” I call them), paradoxical questions, and education - I really followed the adage from Gary Bencivenga “make your advertising valuable.”
  • Note how many open loops there are. Strong open loops are vital in VSLs. 
  • As always, my signature copy lesson that I repeat over and over again is “more specific, more visual.” Not how visual the entire promo is. There’s so many charts, pictures, things to look at, things explained visually, etc. 
  • Copywriting is a game of persuasion. How do you change someone’s beliefs? If you can become a master of changing someone’s beliefs… of persuading… of the art of installing a belief in the reader’s mind, you can become a master copywriter. 
  • Note the strong big idea, the hook I use, and how simple, clear and powerful it is. Simple and clear, simple and clear ← another thing I repeat to copywriters over and over again. Specific and visual. Simple and clear. Digestible. Easy to understand. Easy to read. 
  • I’m super stoked this promo is doing so well because I actually believe it’s an awesome product. We have a Duke University doctor on the team as well as a certified nutrition specialist. They wrote the book together, and it’s a great program for diabetics or anyone with blood sugar problems. So I’m happy to sell the crap out of it. 
  • Take a look at my literature cited section at the end. The Google doc I wrote the copy in is 53 pages long, with 64 citations. Copywriting rewards the diligent, the hard-working, the action taker. I wrote over 10,000 words for this promo, then edited it back down to 8400 words. The diligent copywriter will beat the copywriter who takes shortcuts every day of the week. 

I’ve written so many promos at this point…

I’m thinking of putting together a “Ning Li copywriting hits” swipe file.

Would that be valuable for you?

Let me know and if enough people are interested, I’ll create it.


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