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copywriting Aug 14, 2022

A while back I asked what questions ya have about writing emails. 

One of the most common ones was: 

How do I come up with ideas?

Many copywriters think they need creativity to come up with lots of ideas. 

But I got good news for you.

As the great copywriter Eugene Schwartz said:

"There's no such thing as creativity. There's only connectivity"

He went on to explain that only God can create something out of nothing. 

The rest of us mortals need to tap into pre-existing material for generating ideas - aka connect something with something else.

How can you do this? 

Allow yourself to go down as many rabbit holes as possible when doing research. 

Let's say you're a financial copywriter. 

These days, there's a lot of noise around the Chinese economy and how bad it is. 

And as a copywriter, you can use what's happening in China.


As I've said in the past, one of my favorite places for research is Reddit.

You can get the specific language your market uses to describe their wants...discover little-known pain points that add depth to your copy...and come up with tons of email ideas from people's comments.

I spend 30 minutes reading a thread on what's happening right now in China and the comments.

Here's just a list of idea-ammo I dug up: 

  • Chinese Ponzi Scheme allowed by the government
  • If someone stops paying a mortgage in China, they are blacklisted from the banks for 3 generations
  • "India and Vietnam are the two next ticking bombs, in my recent trips to Ho Chi Minh and Delhi I couldn't believe how expensive real estate was compared to developed countries with far far better quality of life."
  • China is literally blowing up sky scrapers.
  • People don't realize that some of these ghost towns are packaged into CMBS (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities) and sold in US and Euro markets. CMBS are then used as collateral for more leverage in securities. This scheme would make Ponzi blush.

(Full disclosure: Some of those ideas seem outlandish and I'd have to research further to see if they were true. But when you're in the idea generation phase, don't block yourself. Let your imagination run wild. When you're done and have cooled down, you can research more and see which ideas are plausible) 

The next step is to ask:

How can I connect my ammo with the promo? How can I take what's happening right now and segway into my offer?

Based on the above, here are some email themes we could use:

  • this new Chinese scheme would make Ponzi blush
  • How to profit from the generational blacklisting of Chinese people
  • The next 2 real estate ticking bombs
  • Is your CMBS a ghost town in disguise?
  • explosive gains by blowing up Chinese skyscrapers? (OK, I'm being a little bit silly here with the pun hahaha!)

Can we use all of them?

Probably no. 

But that's not our goal.

Our goal is to connect one thought with another and flex our idea-generation muscle.

If something makes you go "hey, I can use that," great.

Write it down and research more to see if your idea can stand on its own. 

Of course, building the idea muscle can take a while.

And you don’t want to use an email idea that doesn’t click with the client or the market.

If you do, you will either get your email back with a “please rewrite” note…

…or (even worse) sales will plummet when you send it. 

Whenever a student comes to me with an idea, I review it and refine it to perfection while sharing my thought process.

The student gets valuable feedback...

...and they work on ideas their clients will love and their market will buy from.

Would you like this level of one-on-one help?

If so, check out my “Zero to $5K” program. 

It’s currently closed since we’re busy helping our current students crush it.


We’ll re-open sometime in the fall and it's going to be epic.

So if you don't want to miss out when we do? 

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- Ning



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