Elegantly Deal With The "It's Too Expensive" Objection

copywriting Aug 28, 2022

Let's face it:

Some day a prospect will say that your prices are too high for them. 

When this happens you have three options:

1) Walk away

2) Accept a lower price 

3) Negotiate

I don't like option 1 because it reinforces a "giving up easily" mindset.

And the only time you should accept option 2 is if you desperately and urgently need the money. 


If you want to make the big bucks, you should negotiate. 

"Easier said than done, Ning! How am I even supposed to do this when they rejected my initial proposal?" 

Let's take a step back and look at the facts.

Why does the business owner want to work with you?

Because they believe you and your copy will help them fulfill their desire.

What's their desire?

To make X amount of money.

To make this amount, they are willing to part away with as much as Y.

If you ask for more than Y, they reject your offer.

Here's what your prospect is thinking inside their head when you present them your price:

"I want to make $50,000...

This person is asking $5,000...

I expect their copy to make me $40,000...

So I can't accept their proposal since I won't get what I want"

^ Read the above example multiple times.

All price objections boil down to those 4 simple sentences.

And to obliterate price objections, you should make them think:

"I want to make $50,000…

This person is asking $5,000...

I expect their copy to make me $100,000...

So I'll accept their proposal immediately!"

How do you obliterate price objections then? 

You reply with this:

"Look, I really want to work with you and I feel that asking for X is fair considering my skills and time investment. So let me ask you this: What needs to happen for you to be comfortable giving me X?" 



And, most importantly, elegant.

We didn't deal with the price objection.

Instead, we turned the tables and asked them what needs to happen to pay our prices.

And let me tell you this:

Savvy business owners are very willing to work things out with you. 

Maybe they want an email or two to drive traffic to the sales letter you'll write. 

If you quoted them $20,000 for the letter, you can throw in a couple of emails. 

They might love the results…

And you could then pitch them a monthly retainer ;-) 

Or let's say you ask for $5,000 per month and a 2% of revenue generated for managing their email list 

While negotiating you discover they have no cart abandonment emails for their products. 

This means up to 69.57% of potential sales go down the drain! 

You agree to write 3 cart abandonment emails for each product, on top of email list management.

In a month sales are up 30%. 

They not only pay your $5,000/month…

But also cheerfully raise your 2% of revenue to 3% when you ask. 

All because you elegantly dealt with their price objections.

Listen up and never forget:

Copywriting is all about adding value to people's lives.

All price objections boil down to “not enough value added”

(within limits of course) 

So don’t be afraid when somebody objects.

Instead, view it as an opportunity to add more value to them while you get rewarded handsomely.

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Talk to ya soon,

- Ning



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