“Every time I think about clients, I get a wave of anxiety”

Uncategorized May 08, 2024

Why Having The Right Mindset Is 

KEY To Landing Copywriting Clients

“I've been doing copywriting for 2 years but every time I think about reaching out to clients, I get a wave of anxiety.”

Ah yes. 

Last week inside my coaching program, we did our first mindset session…

And the students were blown away.

One student had spent thousands on copywriting courses…

But was STUCK because he couldn’t reach out to clients. 

So I did a live session with him where we talked to his inner child…

Turns out the anxiety was rooted in his childhood. 

We did a visualization…

Did a re-wiring of beliefs…

And installed some new beliefs, expecting POSITIVE responses from clients instead of negative responses. 

It was something the other copywriters hadn’t seen before. 

This was their reaction:

I’m curious…

Do you believe your mindset is holding you back in your copywriting career?

Or do you believe it’s just skills and knowledge holding you back from success?

Good question to think about. 

I would say that most copywriters are split into 4 different groups when it comes to mindset:

Group 1 - Unaware

This group of copywriters mainly just focus on buying courses and learning copy.

They don’t really care about mindset…

They don’t think they have a problem with their mindset…

And they couldn’t care less. 

Group 2 - Aware of problem

“Okay, I think something about my mindset is probably holding me back.”

This group has often spent countless paychecks on copywriting courses…

Yet after consuming a lot of information, still has yet to make any actual dough. 

They notice anxiety… self worth… or confidence may be holding them back. 

But they are unaware that a solution exists. 

They think that their mindset is just a part of their personality that they are stuck with for the rest of their life. 

Group 3 - Mindset Sophisticated

This group is VERY aware of their mindset issues. 

They can articulate and talk about their emotional patterns. 

“I know that whenever I try to reach out to clients, I get a wave of anxiety.”

And they KNOW their mindset is holding them back. 

They’ve TRIED certain modalities like talk therapy…


Personal growth…

Mindset courses…

Plant medicine…

But NOTHING has worked to get rid of that anxiety or to actually change how they feel.

Group 4 - Actual Movement

This group has actually found a modality that works…

Has healed a lot of their inner child wounding…

And has changed a lot of their emotional patterns. 

This group is very rare.

But the people who have been doing this for more than a few years tend to be very wealthy. 

Which group are you in?

I’m curious.

Hit that reply button and let me know (I read every single email).

Your copy (and mindset) coach,

Ning Li



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