Simplest, Easiest, and Fastest Entry Point to Copywriting Today?

copywriting Jul 14, 2022

To paraphrase a famous writing quote:

Copywriting is easy; you just open a vein and bleed

I love our craft but it's intimidating to beginners. 

Part of the problem is unrealistic expectations.

You don't have to start with a 10,000-word sales letter. 

(leave those beasts to guys like Stefan Georgi, Dan Ferrari, and yours truly for the time)

As a beginner, there's a simplest, easiest, and fastest entry point...

Traffic driver emails.

What are those?

Think punchy, 100 to 150-word emails.

Unlike a sales letter, they don't sell anything. 

So you don't have to create a logic skeleton, overcome objections, add 2-3 proof elements to each benefit you use, write emotional stories, or any of that jazz.

They have one goal...

Make you click a link.

Starting price for those bad boys is $50-$100. 

But, if you're good and target the big dogs, you can get as much as $1,000 per email. 

I know copywriters who make 6-figures a year just from traffic driver emails. 

Not bad for 10-30 minutes of writing while staying home in your pajamas, right?

"Sounds cool, Ning, but how the heck am I supposed to write them if I'm a newbie?"

As we say in copywriting, the answer is simple.

The first step is to sign up for as many email lists as possible. 

You want to get at least 100 emails each day from companies trying to sell you stuff. 

Next, go through each email daily. 

Invest 30-60 minutes to read as many as possible from start to finish. 

Slowly but surely, you'll see:

  1. emails so interesting you want to learn more about the product they sell
  2. emails so boring they could induce anesthesia before a surgery

Ask yourself:

What makes an email interesting and another one boring? 

Each time you answer this question, you'll notice patterns. 

Maybe interesting emails have subject lines that start with power verbs. 

Think verbs like:

  • fix
  • kill
  • heal
  • surge
  • knock
  • banish 

When you notice this, start practicing.

Take 10 boring subject lines and strengthen them with power verbs. 

Or let's say interesting emails start with short, easy-to-read - but powerful - sentences. 

Once again...

Take 10 boring emails and give them a short and easy-to-read first sentence. 

If you have to further tweak the email for the first sentence to make sense, great! 

Do so. 

This will teach you how to transition from one part of the email to the next. 


Start interesting emails with specific benefits.

Here are a few examples:

  • Slash blood sugar in half
  • Add one inch to your biceps
  • Lose 3 pounds of stubborn fat in 24 hours 
  • Double the clickthrough rate of your Facebook ads

(did you notice that specific benefits start with the power verbs I mentioned a while back? ;-) )

Once again, take 10 boring emails and sprinkle specific benefits into them.

After you tweak and improve emails for a few days...

...write an email from scratch. 

Either pick a product you've bought or one you'd like to sell and write a traffic driver email for it. 

And do me a favor... 

Write without inhibition. 

If you get in the flow, don't stop to edit. 

Don't worry if you think someone will hate a word you used. 

Don't feel bad if your writing isn't as good as you thought it would be. 

Just keep writing.

When you've built the writing muscle, find someone to give feedback on your copy.

Or, as mentioned in…

Ning Copy Creed #2:

If you want MASSIVE improvement FAST, you just need to do one thing: 

Write and get feedback. 

Then write some more...

...and get some more feedback. 

If that’s all you do, you’ll make huge leaps in your skill level. 

But do me one favor… when you get feedback, please please PLEASE make sure you’re getting it from somebody you KNOW is good at copy. 

Preferably someone the entire industry respects and acknowledges is legit, and preferably has a bunch of street cred and success to back them up. 

Copy feedback from a person like this is absolute gold.  

When you’re getting this feedback, please put your ego to the side, open your ears up WIDE, and try to soak up as much as you can.

Speaking of feedback... 

Every week, I hop on Zoom with students of my "Zero to $5K" program to review their copy and answer their questions. 

I also comment on the messages and emails they send to potential clients. 

Finally, I fix any weak links in their they have the highest potential chance of landing clients in today’s crowded marketplace.

The bad news is that "Zero to $5K" is closed right now.

But we'll open it up again soon.

So if you want us to notify you when we re-open? 

Add your name to the waitlist below and you'll be the first to know when we’re ready to help ya ;-) 

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