"Throw Your Copywriting D1ck on the Table"

copywriting Jul 12, 2022

Don't worry - there are no NSFW pics here.

"Throw your copywriting d1ck on the table" is an expression I use when I teach client outreach to students.

See, most copywriters have no clue how to message a new client.

They see a gig on a job board, hastily put together a lame message, and hope the client responds. 


That's what 99 out of 100 copywriters do.  


They don't stand out. 

The client ignores them.

And they miss out on a lot of jobs.

I don't want this for you. 

That's why today we'll fix your client outreach with Ning’s “proprietary” T.Y.C.D.OT.T. method.

Here's a cool story to set the stage:

Back in April, an old client asked me to write a sales letter for them.

We hopped on a call and I quoted them $30,000.

They didn't blink so I knew my price was within their budget. 

They said they'll message me when they were ready and we hang up.

Six days later they messaged me.

But they weren't ready to pay me.

Instead, they asked if they could see anything recent I've worked on and any metric around it. So they didn’t quite feel that I deserved the money I asked for.

What did I do? 

I listed the PaleoHacks offers I've worked on, along with their results.

Here are 3 examples: 

  • Our Thyroid Reboot offer - 3.02% sales page CVR. $68.15 AOV. Has been one of our biggest affiliate offers of the past 3 years.
  • Keto Air Fryer Cookbook F+S offer - 9.86% CVR, $25.60 AOV - $19.92 PPM. Our hottest new affiliate offer, launched recently. 
  • Shinzo Kitchen Knives - One of our recent internal home runs. Ended up being the 3 biggest segments send in PaleoHacks history of the past 3 years. Made $10,350 with one email to a segment of the list (not even the whole list) $5.50 EPC. We sold out in 3 sends and are now ordering QUADRUPLE the inventory

I shared 2 more offers and their metrics.

And I ended my email with this: 

We have over 17 different funnels. I oversee them all. I wrote pretty much everything - the funnel, upsell, and email copy. PaleoHacks as a company has tripled in bottom-line revenue since 3 years ago when I joined - we grew over 40% last year thanks to my marketing direction and copy. I can send you references to confirm everything if needed. 

And this, my dear Top Gun, is what I call "throwing your copywriting d1ck on the table" 

In other palavras...

Proof that you're good.

Because this is what mid and high-level clients care about:

Can you deliver? Or will hiring you turn into a disaster? 

Nothing melts this objection better than proof. 

Moving forward, always ask yourself:

What results can I share that will make the client excited to talk to me?

When you have your answer, include it in your outreach message and see what happens. 


Here are a couple of pointers to help you even more:

Keep results relevant to the vertical.

This old client is in health. 

It made sense to share my results with PaleoHacks. 

If they were in finance?

I'd send them financial examples.

If you don’t have vertical-specific results? 

Share what you got. 

But also give them metrics.

And this brings me to…

Be specific. 

As the grandaddy of copywriting, Claude Hopkins, once said, "Platitudes and generalities roll off the human understanding like water from a duck. They leave no impression whatever." 

Don't say "I wrote a sales letter that kicked ass." 

What was the CVR? (conversion rate) 

The AOV? (average order value) 

The EPC? (earnings per click)

We both know that specifics sell in copy.

But they also sell when you pitch yourself to potential clients.


If you're a beginner you might wonder:

Can I get clients if I don't have any metrics to share? 



Nobody in our industry ever did that.

If you can’t share metrics you're stuck and no decent client will ever hire you.







Come soon!

I'm teasing ya, hahaha!

Of course there's a way to get hired from mid and high-level clients. 

It won't be as easy as if you had metrics to share…

But it does happen. 

I see it all the time with my coaching students thanks to the tips I’m sharing with them. 

And I’d love to share them with you as well…

…to help you hit your financial goals. 

The best intro to my philosophy is my “Zero to $5K” coaching program.

For the time being it’s closed since we’re taking care of existing students.

But we’ll open again soon.

So if you’d like to get notified when we do? 

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