Dr. Ning's Cure For The "No Proof" Disease Plaguing Newbie Copywriters

copywriting Jul 09, 2022

 Here's one of the most common questions I get from newbie copywriters:

"How can I get my foot in the door when I don't have proof that my copy converts?"

Savvy business owners always wonder if they can trust you to write high-converting copy.

If you can't share data or results (aka proof) of previous projects they probably won't hire you. 

But there is a way around this. 

So today I'll show you Dr. Ning's cure for the "no proof" disease.

The cure works fast

You don't need to wait months, weeks, or days to see results. 

You don't even have to be a talented wordsmith. You add 2-3 simple-to-write lines to your outreach message and presto - doors magically open.

In fact, here's what I want you to do: 

When you're done reading, apply the cure to all the outreach messages you were going to send today. 

Methinks you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results ;-)

Full disclosure:

This cure doesn't work 100% of the time. 

And when it does work you still have to:

  1. Deliver on time
  2. Be a pleasure to work with
  3. (Most importantly) Write copy that clients will like

Fair enough?


So, what's the cure?

It's something that in direct response we call an irresistible offer.

Or to quote Don Corleone while I swap my face with his...

An offer is what you give people in exchange for their moolah.

You want them to say "HELL YEAH!" instead of "nah, I'll pass." 

When the former happens, you got an irresistible offer. 

Makes sense so far?

Creating irresistible offers is an art form in itself so it's hard to teach you all you need to know here.

However, I'll share 3 examples of irresistible offers for different copywriting gigs. 

Study them and ask yourself, "how can I apply this?"

All right, let’s go.

Example Numero Uno

Suppose a client wants a 5-part email series.

On your first message to them, you say:

I'll write a 5-part email series and you won't have to pay me anything upfront. You'll only pay me when I deliver them and only if you love my work. And I won't quote you a price; I trust you to pay me whatever you think it's worth.

Cool right?

A client who wants to give a newbie a shot would find this irresistible.

That's one way to approach this…

But we’re just getting warmed up ;-)

Example Numero Dos

Let's say the client wants a FB ad. 

Our offer above is solid and you can definitely use what I wrote. 

But you can take it a step further if you add:

And I'll even pay you $100 out of my pocket to test the ad. This way, you risk nothing since the test is free. 


How's this for an irresistible offer?

But wait...

There's more!

(I sound like an 80’s infomercial hahaha) 

Example Numero Tres

Suppose a client wants a headline and a lead (aka the first 400-800 of a sales message) for a VSL that shows signs of fatigue.

Again, you can structure your irresistible offer the same way we did on example numero uno. 

But you can also add... 

I'll even pay A-list copywriter Ning Li to critique my work. I'll then use the feedback to write a stronger headline and lead. I can't guarantee my work will convert since nothing is sure until we test. But you can rest assured that a pro reviewed my work...so it's more likely to beat your control than flop.

Did you hear that, my dear Top Gun?

That was your client's mind...

Being blown by your irresistible offer!

Now, I can already hear you yelling at me

"C'mon Ning, I try to make money here not bury myself in debt!"

I hear ya.

Do you need to pay me $1,000/hour to have me critique your work in order to land a gig?



Would you impress the client and grab their attention if you went above and beyong?


Would you increase the chance of getting your foot in the door and landing a gig you wouldn't otherwise get?


And, provided you did a good enough job and the client was happy, could this mean the start of a lucrative, retainer deal-io between you and them? 




My goal with those messages is to expand your mind and show you new possibilities.

Yes, you can do wonders with the first version - aka, I'll work for free, you only pay if you like what I wrote and as much as you want. 

If you feel comfortable with it, do this.

Apply to as many jobs as possible and get feedback.

If clients say "yes", sweet! 

You're one step closer to becoming a full-time copywriter.

If they say "no" a lot?

Something might be off. 

If this happens, it's smart to join "0 to $5K" - my flagship program for newbie copywriters. 

I take you by the hand and show you how to hit your first $5,000 month. 

It’s not just an information dump.

I’m in your corner the entire time…

Giving feedback on your copy…

Destroying the mental blocks that hold you back from the life you deserve…

Right now the program is closed.

(we're busy with existing students ;-) )

But if you want to be notified when we re-open? 

Add your name to the waitlist below and be the first to know when we’re ready to help more copywriting ninjas like you.

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- Ning


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