"Why should clients pick me over more qualified folks?"

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2023

Here's something one of my coaching students recently wrote:

"Every post I see says they’re looking for people with solid track records of success…so I pretty much stop myself from applying for any gigs. I feel like I’d be wasting their time and my time if I reach out.

I need solid success stories. I need a track record. I need clients who will actually document said records and provide them to me. Until then, my unbreakable imposter syndrome stops me from applying to any posts online.

Why pick me when there are dozens of more qualified folks, with more experience and track records to back them up?"

He is right. 

This is imposter syndrome and I always help students get rid of it with my unique mindset framework.

But if you aren’t a student, today I got something that will also help.

A-list copywriter Paris Lampropoulos once said that clients want 3 things from copywriters:

1) Good copy chops

2) Not missing deadlines

3) Being a pleasure to work with

Paris has worked for decades with the creme de la creme of clients.

Yet, as you can see, even whale clients think “OKish” copy is enough to give someone a chance. 

So you don’t have to be the best, nor the most qualified.

Clients WILL give you a shot if you are a pleasure to work with and you are reliable.

So really, almost anyone can apply for a gig. 

A lack of a track record shouldn't stop you from applying.

Worst case scenario?

They don't reply to you or they say you are not the right fit. 

Big deal, right?

In some other cases, they will tell you that you are not the right fit for the role... but they might have something else for you. Or they might refer you to someone else.

Believe it or not, clients ARE humans hahaha.

A good number of them are decent people and will try to help you if they take a liking to you. 

Also, here's something interesting:

Nowadays copywriters OVERSELL themselves.

They promise the moon but almost never deliver.

As a result, clients get burned and are always skeptical before hiring someone who talks a good game.

But if they see you being honest about your experience and results?

You tear down the skepticism barrier and make people more likely to hire you. 

You literally can't lose Copy Gangsta.

The only way to lose is NOT apply.

I hope this helps you today.

On that note, I have something cool for you:

I put together a new program for copywriters who would like to make 2-5k/month in 2023 and beyond.

You’ll discover how to develop the chops that make business owners throw money at you…

And how to get rid of imposter syndrome or any other block that holds you back.

If you are interested?

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