Great copywriting is built on great offers… is built on great MATH

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2024

Many years ago, I wrote an article that went viral about how great copywriting needs to be built on a great offer to have a successful promotion. 

If your offer sucks, it doesn’t matter how good the copy is…

It won’t sell. 

If your offer is AMAZING, you can write crappy copy…

It will still sell. 

Here’s one thing that most copywriters, marketers, and business owners miss…

There’s 1 layer deeper…

And that’s the MATH the offer is built on. 

I recently had this realization. 

Let me explain. 

Right now at PaleoHacks, we are essentially only working on health supplement VSL projects. 

We’ve kind of left cookbooks in the past. 


Let’s take a look at the math behind both types of funnels. 

For a winning cookbook funnel, you’ll have a front end AOV of about $30. 

We’ll be able to acquire customers. 

And if we send it to our email list, we’ll make somewhere around $5K to $8K per send. 

That’s not bad. 

However… it’s a 1 time purchase.

That means you have to sell other stuff on the back end to make more profit. 

The COGS (cost of goods) for each cookbook that goes out are high.

(That means we have to pay the manufacturer a certain amount to make the book and ship it out.)

So the profit margin is razor-thin. 

Now let’s look at a winning supplement funnel. 

The front end AOV is anywhere from $150 to $200… nearly 7X higher. 

We can make up to $13k per email send… about twice as much. 

The COGS are lower and the profit margin is way better. 

(We pay maybe $2-8 per bottle depending on the supplement, and make up to $67 per bottle.)

And here’s the kickers…

Instead of it being just a 1-time purchase…

A big portion of our front end buyers choose to go on a subscription plan. 

Which means in 1, 3, or 6 months later, they auto-purchase another bundle of bottles. 

They stay for around 3 billing cycles. 

So take a moment to picture the difference in math between the two types of funnels. 

It’s HUGE. 

It’s the reason why we can have a KILLER free cookbook offer.


But the ceiling for that offer is still lower than a BAD supplement offer that we launch. 

We saw this with one of our recent launches. 

It wasn’t one of my best copy pieces. 

It wasn’t a great offer. 

But it still crushed because the math behind the funnel was so good. 

Our worst supplement funnel still outperforms our best cookbook funnel by a mile. 

So when it comes to YOUR offers…

Remember to look one layer deeper. 

Yes, great copy is important. 

But it’s not as important as a great offer. 

Yes, a great offer is important. 

But it’s not as important as great MATH. 

Hopefully this helps - and leads you to great business success. 


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