1 tip to land a high-paying copywriting client

copywriting Jun 22, 2022

Hooooooooooooo weee. This one’s a HOT topic for sure.

Every copywriter asks:

How do I get clients? How do I land a client? I’m sending 30 million messages out to prospects and getting ZERO responses. There’s 5 million other copywriters applying for these jobs / gigs. How do I stand out?

There’s a lot to unpack here.

But if you want to get started learning how to actually land high-paying copy gigs, watch this video (it’s just the tip of the iceberg):

FREE training on how to get clients.

Here’s the thing.

If you can’t get clients right now, you’ve got one of 2 problems:

Your skill level isn’t high enough. (Your samples aren’t strong enough, and you need to level up your copywriting before your writing commands attention and income from clients.)


You don’t know how to talk to clients to close a deal.

I get like 5 Facebook messages a day from copywriters looking for work.

But very rarely are they well thought out.

Most sound like this:

Hey please, do you have any work? Do you have any work that I can take off your plate? Is PaleoHacks looking for another copywriter?

It’s all take, take, take. Super needy.

The day you stop being a beggar and start learning how to become a copywriter of value is the day you start landing gigs.

Here’s a quick, easy tip.

How about you actually figure out how to write good copy… and then DEMONSTRATE it for the client?

If I were targeting a company like PaleoHacks, for example…

I’d get on the PaleoHacks email list…

Figure out what their top offers and promotions are…

And then write emails to BEAT their email controls.

I’d go get feedback on my emails from good copywriters until I had a few that have a good shot at beating the control.

Then, I’d simply email the copy chief (me) with the samples and say hey, test these if you want.

The copy chief is usually a pretty good judge of good copy / bad copy.

So if your emails look good, they’ll test them.

And if the emails beat the control, BOOM.

Congratulations, you’ve just gotten yourself a job.

If you can’t write an email that beats their control, then go back to the drawing board and focus on learning how to write better email copy.


That’s not the only way to land a copywriting gig.

There are actually 5 other ways, and one is so ridiculously easy you don’t even have to say anything.

The business owner comes to YOU looking to hire you.

I’m working on a training video to walk you through all these client strategies…

Because dear God, the shenanigans I get in my email inbox and on Facebook from people looking for work are eyebrow-raising to say the least…

And it’s not hard for you to stand out in an ocean of neediness.

If you can simply learn how to provide actual value to a business, you’re already ahead of 90% of the crowd.

I’ll teach you.

The training will most likely be free, like the videos I’ve been giving you.

And if you remember just one thing from this post, it’s this:

Copywriting and business is a game of GIVING VALUE… not begging, being desperate, or being needy.

Figure out how you can help other people and other businesses.

Like, actually help them.

Then, more money will flow your way than you could ever imagine.

Mic drop.

Ning out. 


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