These "Buckets" Determine Your Copywriting Income

copywriting Jul 10, 2022

Did you know that whenever a business owner decides to hire you, they place you in 3 different "buckets" in their minds?

Those buckets depend on:

  • What you usually write
  • What you say you're comfortable writing
  • (Most importantly) What's your skill level

And guess what?

The bucket they place you in determines how much they'll pay you.

It might not seem fair...

But that's how the direct response industry works.

Copywriters who resist this truth stay stuck and never make it past 3k-4k months.


The ones who understand DR is a game and respect the rules? 

They experience income breakthrough after income breakthrough.

And they do so fast. 

That's what I want for you, my dear Top Gun.

Anywho, let's see those buckets:

1. Small Money Bucket

  • Ads
  • Emails
  • Short-form
  • Short video scripts
  • "Content" (anything that doesn't try to sell stuff)

2. Mid Money Bucket 

  • E-com
  • Landing pages
  • Email list manager
  • "Jack of all trades" (aka you write all sorts of copy)

3. Big Money Bucket

  • Decision maker
  • Offer-strategist
  • Long-form VSL/TSL
  • Upsells (especially upsell 1)
  • Front end cold traffic funnels

(Writing tip: Alternate between bolded bullets and non-bolded bullets to provide eye relief - this makes your copy easier to read ;-) )

The reason those buckets exist is because supply and demand govern copy jobs.


A lot of copywriters can do small money stuff like write emails.

A smaller number of them can do mid money stuff like managing an email list.

And then, very few of them can do big money stuff like strategizing offers successfully.

=== Side note ===

Strategizing offers means you help your business owner decide what offer to put out. 

So they don't say, "I got this offer, please write the copy." 

Instead, you develop the offer with the owner.

This is what I did with PaleoHacks to explode their growth. 

We were making 80 front-end sales a day with one offer. 

I suggested a few tweaks to David Sinick and BOOM - 1,000 front-end sales almost overnight. 

From that point forward, David asked me to pick what offers to promote moving forward.

And, my monthly income got a sweet cash injection since then ;-)

=== End of side note ===

Now, listen:

There's no shame in small money projects.

In my Zero to $5k coaching program, I have you write a simple 150-word email a day.

You gain confidence writing easy stuff.

You receive feedback from my coaches and me. 

You build your copy chops on the right foundation. 

And then?

You go after the harder, more lucrative projects.

When you follow the rules of the DR game, you can skyrocket your income past $5,000/month in 8 weeks or less. 

(Chillax, this is not a pitch to join Zero to $5K since it's closed right now haha)

To recap:

Clients always place you in 3 different buckets that determine how much you'll get paid.

Those buckets are small, mid, and high money.

You can start with small projects like emails and ads but your income will stagnate. 

When you get some experience, you should tackle bigger and more complex projects that will give you more of the green stuff. 

Hopefully that helps you a bit in your journey, my copywriting brotha / sista.

If you’d like more strategies on upgrading your copy chops and income, check out my “Zero to $5K” program. 

It’s currently closed since we’re busy helping our current students crush it.


We’ll definitely re-open sometime in the future.

So if you don't want to miss out when we do? 

>>> Click here to add your name to the waitlist

- Ning



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