How Copy Gangstas Can Create Gigs out of Thin, Digital Air

copywriting Jul 28, 2022

I always tell new students:

Get your first client any way you can. Deliver kick-ass work. If the client is happy, you will have more gig opportunities with them. 

Now, here's the tricky part:

Many times, the business owner will not come up with opportunities. 

You will have to come up with those gigs out of thin, digital air.

You also need to prove why a gig is a smart idea...and (ideally) show ways for the client to spend minimum time on it. 

Let's see an example:

Suppose you're writing daily emails for a business coach and they have two offers: 

1) one-on-one coaching for $3,000/month

2) 12-weeks group coaching for a one-time fee of $497

They also have a big library of trainings for coaching students. The library consists of 3 parts - client acquisition, positioning, and growth strategies.

Let's also suppose that the main offers have started fatiguing. 

The business owner would love to get new clients, but they're unsure how. 

Plus they got 4,329,423,432,553 other things on their plate and feel overwhelmed.

How can you help them?

Imagine suggesting:




Hey, why don't we bundle together all your client-acquisition trainings and offer them to non-buyers for a one-time fee of $97? 

We can then immediately upsell people to your group coaching for $397. If they don't get it, we can downsell them the first 4 weeks for $197. 

I'll write the emails and the sales pages. And I'll get in touch with the tech person to put everything together. 

This way we'll get new clients by recycling existing content. 

You don't have to do anything...just give the thumbs up and we'll take care of the rest. 




Let's unpack this my dear Top Gun...

First, we came up with a new, exciting offer.

(everyone wants new clients, no matter the niche)

The price point is lower than the primary offers. This way, we'll get quite a few people off the fence and make them buy. Plus, a good chunk of them will get the upsell or the downsell.

So we'll pump the business with new buyers and some much-needed moolah.

We also make the business owner's life easier by suggesting we recycle existing content...instead of asking them to create new stuff.

We'll coordinate everything with the tech person.

And finally, we'll write all the copy assets. 

You went from just writing daily emails... coming up with an offer that will generate tons of first-time buyers and smackeroos...

...while ensuring the client does not have to lift a finger.

Do you think a growth-hungry individual would say "hell yeah, let's do this!" to your idea?


Come up with a new project idea every 3 months for each client you have, and you will easily fatten your wallet.

Plus, there's an extra side benefit: 

Savvy business owners love people who hustle and overdeliver.

Chances are, 9 out of 10 copywriters they hire, do just what's expected of them.

If they hire a copywriter for 10 emails, they'll get just 10 emails.

If they ask for a new lead, they'll get just a new lead.

But 1 out of 10 copywriters will do what's asked...

...and then take it a step further by coming up with fresh, unique suggestions that will make more money.

Who do you think a business owner is more likely to keep in their corner?

The guy or gal who does enough just to stay hired?

Or the GANGSTA who always hunts for growth opportunities?

The copy gangsta of course.

They've proved themselves to be a valuable asset…

…not a generic service provider.

If you're an ambitious copywriter, this one tip above can double or even triple your income in the next 6-12 months.

Of course, coming up with gigs is not enough.

They have to be good ideas.

And you also have to deliver quality copy.

This is why methinks it's smart to join "Zero to $5K" - my flagship program for newbie copywriters. 

I take you by the hand and show you how to hit your first $5,000 month. 

It’s not just an information dump.

I’m in your corner the entire time…

Giving feedback on your copy…

Helping you come up with profit-boosting ideas...

And destroying the mental blocks that hold you back from the life you deserve…

Right now the program is closed.

But we'll re-open again after I'm back from my summer holidays. 

So if you want to be notified when we do so? 

Add your name to the waitlist below.

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You'll be the first to know when we’re ready to help more copywriting gangstas like you.

Alright, that's all for today brotha/sista.

- Ning



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