How do you feel (emotionally) when you think about m0ney?

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How To Attract More Wealth In Your Copywriting Career

By Changing Your Energetic Relationship To M0ney

How do you feel when you think about money?

For the longest time, my primary emotion was fear, anxiety, and worry. 

I would feel a wave of fear every time I looked at my bank account and saw the number dropping (even when there was plenty in there). 

I would be afraid that I would run out of money…

Even though I’ve been broke before and nothing happened - I was fine. 

Happy, even. 

But suddenly, once I started making m0ney, I would be afraid that I would lose it all… 

Even when there was no such evidence to support that belief. 

I knew it was an irrational fear. 

And I knew it came from my mom, who grew up in poor rural China during the cultural revolution. 

Their family celebrated birthdays by eating a single egg…

And she had never tasted chocolate until she was in her 20s. 

As a result, she had a scarcity mindset around m0ney and would always guilt trip my dad about spending money. 

I inherited a lot of her fear…

And I knew this was a m0ney block I had to work on. 

When I talked to my spiritual coach about it…

She said something that blew me away. 

“How do YOU feel about money?” I asked her. 

“I LOVE it. I love spending it. I love making it. My needs are always taken care of. I always have enough. I love receiving it. I know more is always coming to me. It lets me have incredible experiences. It lets me share my message with the world.”

Holy CRAP.

That’s what I call a high-vibration relationship to m0ney. 

Take a look at this chart from David R. Hawkins Book Power vs. Force:

This chart shows the vibration levels of your relationship to anything. 

You can literally ask: 

How do I feel when I think about ______________?

… to see where you land on this chart when it comes to the frequency of your relationship to it. 


















This is the full spectrum of vibration levels. 

In general - the higher the energy of your relationship on this chart, the more easily your intentions or desired outcomes flow to you. 

You can see the difference between my spiritual mentor’s relationship to m0ney and my past self. 

She was at joy and love. 

I was at fear and desire. 

Naturally, I was in a zone of hyperactivity and burnout, interspersed with periods of inactivity. 

So my inc0me and bank account was up and down and all over the place. 

That was about 2 years ago. 

Since then, I’ve done a lot of inner work on letting go of the fear and making space for more abundance, wealth, and joy to flow to me. 

And if I’m being honest with myself, I feel like I’ve moved up to courage / willingness / neutrality. 

M0ney is coming to me much easier nowadays. 

And work has felt fun for me the last few months. 

You can probably feel it in my writing…

As I can with students. 

I can often tell what emotions the copywriters are feeling when they write simply by reading their copy. 

The lesson from all this?

Your relationship with m0ney determines how easily m0ney flows to you. 

Most people think that it will feel different when they make more…

But that’s the OPPOSITE of what actually happens. 

External reality often does little to change your internal reality. 

Change your internal reality, however…

And your external reality will automatically shift to match.

Then your external reality will provide you with evidence for a new system of beliefs…

Tied to a new frequency and a new set of emotions. 

That’s why inner work is so important in the game of copywriting, marketing, and business. 

And it’s why I will always recommend you look inward, journal, meditate, and mind your emotions. 

To looking inward,

Your copy coach,

Ning Li



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