How my wife has helped me in my copywriting career

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How My Wife Helped Me Level Up

My Copywriting Game More Than Courses Or Coaching

Out of all the biggest levers you can pull to improve your copywriting, make more m0ney, or improve your business…

Nobody talks about the romantic partner you choose. 

Today is my wedding anniversary with my wife. 

We’re having a little spa and restaurant day. 

But I want to share a bit about this in depth. 

Her name is Angel. 

And I truly do think she’s my secret weapon when it comes to my copywriting career. 


Consider this:

I once saw a wealthy business man go through a divorce that cost him over $1 million dollars between his ex-wife taking half of everything he owned…

And the lawyer fees. 

Forget picking the right software…

Choosing the right products to launch…

Or figuring out how to land big clients. 

This one decision - the romantic partner you choose - can bankrupt your business overnight. 

OR they can help propel your business into the stratosphere. 

Many of the wealthiest people I know have solved most of the problems they can solve with m0ney…

The only spot in their lives where they’re still desiring something is their love life. 

I know other copywriters who have partners who sap their energy…

Throw negative emotions their way and push and pull on them to get away from their work…

Or who generally have an addiction to toxic partnerships and let their emotions run amuck. 

Think that impacts your copywriting career?

Heck yeah it does. 

Let me share what I think is a shining example of the opposite. 

I met my wife on January 16th, 2018. 

We went on a date to a Korean restaurant and she stayed the night. 

I didn’t tell her that when midnight hit, it was my birthday…

Which is why I think of her as the universe’s gift to me. 

I knew I was going to marry her quite early. 

The first sign was when I was going through a rough spot in my copywriting career. 

We had only been dating for 3 weeks or so, and I texted her…

“Hey, I like you and I like hanging out with you, but for the next 2 weeks I can’t really hang out. I have a work thing I need to really double down on and focus on.”

Her response?

“No problem, text me when you’re done and we’ll hang out again.”

No drama. 

No guilt-tripping. 

Respected my boundaries no problem. 

When we hung out again, there was no mention of “you have to make it up to me.”

The next sign came when we already had a trip planned to San Francisco…

However there was a conflict. 

There was a seminar in Texas that I wanted to go to. 

It was the seminar where I first learned about inner child work. 

Her response?

“No problem, I know this therapy thing is something you’ve been putting a lot of energy into recently, and this seminar looks like it will be good for you. I’ll get my sister to come with me to San Francisco.”

No drama. 

No guilt-tripping. 

She thought about what was good for me and pushed me towards it. 

And good thing she did, because that seminar I learned a framework for dealing with my emotions, my triggers, and it set the tone for a huge push of growth over the next 5 years. 

I paid for her to go to the same seminar a few months later. 

Now we had a healthy framework for talking about our triggers. 

Something magical happened at that point. 

Every time we had a disagreement or a conflict, our relationship got better. 

If I got triggered, I would go do inner work until it was resolved and my emotions were calm. 

She would do the same. 

Then we would get together and talk about what we learned. 

We were reflective mirrors for each other to grow and learn about ourselves. 

She pointed out my blind spots. 

I did the same for her. 

And we grew together. 

I wrote an email last week about train wrecks and rocket ships when it came to business relationships…

I think the same applies for romantic relationships. 

Are you dating a rocket ship or a train wreck?

Is your relationship spiraling UP or DOWN?


But maybe a better question is…

Are YOU a rocket ship or a train wreck?

How do you change, one way or another?

Are you ADDICTED to dating train wrecks?

Are you able to RECOGNIZE rocket ships when they appear?

Or do your own triggers get in the way?

If you are dating a rocket ship…

Lock that shit down fam, they are rare. 

What’s more…

My wife never changed her tone throughout the roller coaster ups and downs of my career. 

She loved me when I was poor. 

When I lost $20K on a business venture, MY TOTAL LIFE SAVINGS at that point… 

I still remember rolling around on our bed, moaning…

“My life is over… my life is over…”

Her response was to laugh and tell me it’s going to be ok. 

She won’t hesitate to point out if I have a self-limiting belief or if she sees I have triggering. 

“Hey, you may want to work on your boundaries with that student.” 

“Why are you working with that business owner if you don’t want to work with them?”

GOOD POINT - time to work those boundaries!

I did the same for her. 

And instead of reacting defensively or lashing out, she did something that’s very rare…

She worked on her own triggers. 

Every win I had in my copywriting career, she lavished me with praise (she knows my triggers so well, she knows that’s what I didn’t get enough of growing up hahahaha)

“You’re so IMPRESSIVE and smart. I can’t believe I have such a rich, amazing, handsome husband.”

Instead of many people I see who get together and complain about their romantic partners…

She gets together with her girlfriends and they just gush about how amazing their boyfriends or husbands are. 

Totally different reality than what I was used to in the past. 

She’s also helped me get comfortable with spending m0ney on myself…

Rewarding myself for wins…

And taking breaks and relaxing when I need it. 

That’s something I used to be TERRIBLE at. 

I’d work till exhaustion and get sick and have all sorts of problems with my energy and my health…

But she’s helped me work through that. 

I could go on and on…

But my main point here is that this is rare.

And it has snowballed my progress in a big way. 

Learning how to deal with your emotions is one thing. 

Having a partner who points out your blind spots is another. 

But having a partner who learns and grows with you so that the good things in your life just keep snowballing up and up and up…

That’s something truly special. 

That’s why I think she’s my “superpower” - my secret weapon in my corner throughout my copywriting career not many other people have. 

At the top of the game…

(And at the bottom)...

Truly what makes or breaks a copywriter is their ability to deal with their emotions. 

Same thing with the wealthiest business owners I know. 

Angel has helped me hone that skill so I feel like I can handle anything life throws at me. 

For that, I am truly blessed and grateful to have her. 

Now, she’s carrying my child and I’m excited to see what the next phase of life has to bring us. 

To rocket ships, fruitful relationships, love, and wealth…



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