How To Double Your Monthly Copywriting Income At Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced (You Need A Different Strategy For Each Stage)

copywriting Sep 10, 2022

How To Double Your Income As A Beginner Copywriter (0-$2,000 / month):

The ONE thing you should focus on:

  • Improve your copy skill for all formats (emails, landing pages, upsells, ads, long form), learn how to write and sell well, consistently “execute on writing copy”well

Here’s what you should do:

  • Write a crapload of words - put in the reps
  • Consume trainings, courses, resources, and coaching
  • Focus on learning
  • Get quality feedback on your copy
  • Repeat, over and over again

Here’s what to do next:

  • Once your skill is good and your writing improves (learn how to self-assess), do some free work to get experience, put together a portfolio, and get some low-level clients
  • Once you do that, get more clients —> boom, your income has doubled

How To Double Your Income As An Intermediate Copywriter ($2,000-$10,000 / month):

The ONE thing you should focus on:

  • Learn what offers work and what offers flop, learn how copy integrates into a business, learn how to provide more value to business owners and make them more sales

How to improve quickly:

  • Understand that once you can execute on copy, it’s just a small piece of the puzzle. The offer is the biggest leverage point for whether a promotion succeeds or fails
  • Move fast, launch a lot of offers 
  • Review data (email data, sales page data, all data) often
  • Look at successful offers in the marketplace and analyze why they succeed while others fail
  • Learn how to spot, construct, and predict winning offers
  • Work inside of a business over an extended period of time
  • Learn from a coach or mentor

What to do next:

  • Expand your network - time to come out of your hidey-hidey hole
  • Upgrade your client stable - find consistent, successful clients to service
  • Ask for royalty structures and sources of time-independent / passive income
  • If you’re performing well and making the company a lot of money, ask for a raise every year (a big mistake I made for awhile)

How To Double Your Income As An Advanced Copywriter ($10,000 / month - $30,000 / month):

The ONE thing you should focus on:

  • Time delegation - your time, focus, and energy is now of the utmost importance (because it has a high opportunity cost)

How to improve quickly:

  • You have figured out the “offer” game and can consistently craft, produce, and predict winning offers - to make more money, you now have to min / max your time because at this point, MONEY is actually too abundant and your TIME / FOCUS is not abundant enough (you’re going to have to say NO to money more… and CHOOSE what types of money / business deals you say YES to with more discretion)
  • Figure out your high leverage activities and low leverage activities
  • Ruthlessly cut low-leverage activities out of your schedule by delegating
  • Save your time and energy only for your high-leverage activities - maximize the amount of time you spent on that
  • Master hiring, firing, and delegation of low-leverage activities (this has a whole learning curve by itself)
  • Learn how to be a leader and manage your team well, and to treat them and lead them with respect

What to do next:

  • Structure deals where you own more of the pie
  • Leverage your network and your skills to build long-lasting assets like your own offers, distribution network, email lists, and equity pieces of companies
  • Remain vigilant in saying NO to short term money “shiny objects” and saying YES to assets that have a favorable “money to time ratio” and have long term value (they keep paying you over and over again)

How To Ascend Faster Up The Ladder For All 3 Levels

  • Get a coach. Seek feedback often and take immediate action to implement the feedback. Give your ego a firm kick in the behind, tell it to get out of the way, and to stop slowing down your progress
  • Learn how to remove your mindset blocks - these will eff you up and sabotage your progress over and over again at every level. They are the hardest lessons to learn and overcome. But the most valuable and the most “change-producing.”

These 2 factors are like rocket fuel for your income and your progress. 

They are the shortcuts. 

They skyrocket your success and pay you a bigger ROI than anything else. 

I’ve included info about how to get them in the first comment below. 

Let me know if you found this helpful, if you have any questions, and if you know your way forward clearly!

Much love, peace, and abundance,



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