How to manifest more money

Uncategorized May 29, 2024

Do you believe in manifestation?

I’ve coached copywriters, business owners, and marketers for 5 years at this point…

And I’ve seen the biggest inc0me “level-ups” in students in 2 ways:

#1: The student is ready to receive copywriting training - they take what I teach and immediately take massive action, implementing it



#2: They make a shift in their belief system - they are STUCK because of their emotional blocks and more information and knowledge doesn’t help them… it’s overcoming a mental block that moves the needle 

I would say for the over 500 students I’ve coached…

About 20% of copywriters are in the first category…

And about 80% are in the second category.

Which is why I’ve got something special for you today.

You see…

I believe every single one of us are manifesting, 24/7, 100% of the time.

We are creator beings.

And we create our reality based on our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about ourselves.

Most people are unaware that they are doing it.

The few people that ARE aware of it…

And can control their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs…

Are limitless, powerful creators. (And they usually end up quite wealthy, if that’s what they desire.)

For example…

Have you ever seen THIS clip of Jim Carrey sharing how he manifested a $10 million check to himself?

Before he was a famous movie star, when nobody knew his name…

Jim Carrey used to drive up Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles and visualize all the acting opportunities coming to him…

He pictured in his mind becoming famous and making movies and how wonderful it all felt.

It was so real to him in his mind that he’d drive back down the mountain feeling on top of the world.

So he wrote a $10 million check to himself for “acting services” and kept it in his wallet.

A few years later, he received exactly that amount for one of his first big movie hits.

In an interview, he had this to say about manifestation:

“You get it when you believe it.”

Here’s what most people get wrong about manifestation.

They look in the mirror and they chant affirmations, like:

“I make 10K a month as a freelance copywriter.”
“I make 10K a month as a freelance copywriter.”
“I make 10K a month as a freelance copywriter.”

But this is the OPPOSITE order from which you manifest.

Your thoughts come from your emotions.

Your emotions come from your beliefs.

So chanting thoughts does little to change your emotions…

And TRYING to change your emotions is next to impossible if you don’t change your beliefs.

Whereas if you change your beliefs first…

Your emotions will follow…

And your thoughts will change automatically.

Notice what Jim Carrey did…

He didn’t chant things at the top of the mountain.

He visualized scenarios that changed how he FELT - he changed his emotions.

Your emotions are like a big magnet for your reality.

If you feel AMAZING around m0ney, love, or whatever…

Always bathing yourself in love, appreciation, joy, peace, gratitude, and abundance…

Amazing things will happen around you, because your emotions will pull that reality in.

If you’re always ANXIOUS… filled with shame or “I’m not good enough”... or always feeling SCARCE around m0ney…

Your anxiety will pull in that scarcity-based reality.

That’s why in many cases, people who feel terrible always have terrible things happening around them…

They are manifesting their reality with their emotions.

How does this relate to copywriting?

I can’t tell you how many bad m0ney beliefs copywriters (and even business owners) have.

I’ve seen SO many hahahaha.

Just to name a few:

“There’s so many better and more experienced copywriters… why would this client choose me?”
“I don’t deserve that amount of money.”
“I always get rejected, so I might as well not try.”
“I have to get it right the first time, or I’m a disappointment.”
“I have to work really, really hard to deserve money.”
“I can’t say NO to clients. Their wants and needs are always more important than mine.”
“I’m always short on m0ney.”
“I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to pay the rent this month.”



I’ll leave you with this:

If you believe it, it’s coming to you.

If you expect it, it’s coming to you.

If you are excited for it, it’s coming to you.

If you are afraid of it, it’s coming to you.

If you believe you deserve it, it’s coming to you.

Whatever reality you give your emotional charge to, you are manifesting.

So what do you believe about yourself?

To manifesting the realities YOU want.


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