How To Repel Prospects And Annoy Business Owners

copywriting Aug 27, 2022

I used to think there was a right and wrong way to approach business owners.

But recently I discovered there's also a HORRIBLE way.

I'm not talking about spamming people with canned messages.

I'm talking about approaching business owners with a know-it-all attitude that makes you reek of inexperience and bad manners. 

Here's an example of a cold outreach message:

"Hey, your sales letter is bad and makes you lose lots of sales. I'm an experienced copywriter and I'd love to help you fix it. Are you interested?"

^ Yes, this is an actual message copywriters send to business owners.

The person sending it is rude, no questions. 

But they also displayed their ignorance. 

Read this part again:

"Makes you lose lots of sales"

Really now?

Does this person have access to the business's numbers?

Did they chat with someone who works there?

Heck, did they see the numbers on a crystal ball?

There's the old saying "assuming makes an ass out of you and me"

Well, in this case assuming made an ass out of this person and this person only. 

You'll never see A-list copywriters like Justin Goff, Stefan Georgi, or yours gangsta badmouth a piece of copy. 


Because unless we see test results, we can't know how well something performs.

We will have visceral reactions to copy. 

We will have opinions about what *could* work.

But we're always humble when sharing feedback.

Instead of "this headline sucks" we say "here's how I'd tweak this headline."

Instead of "your argument here is weak" we choose "I got a suggestion about this part."

Instead of "smart people offer 90-day money-back guarantees" we pick "I believe extending your money-back guarantee would increase conversions. Have you tested 90 days instead of just 30?"

First impressions matter, my dear Top Gun.

You will open more doors by being humble and curious than going all macho and "AlPhA-MaLE!!!"

Research the business.

Take note of what they're doing.

Come up with a list of suggestions.

Reach out to the business owner via email, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, phone, direct mail, or messenger pigeon.

Compliment them. Make the compliment sincere and unique.

Drop a value bomb or show genuine interest in something they're doing. 

Throw a low-key call to action that moves the conversation forward, while respecting their time. 

Rinse and repeat. 

Soon you'll be fully booked because others would be too busy repelling prospects and annoying business owners.

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- Ning




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