ignoring THIS will make your next copy piece bomb

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2023

Many moons ago, the great Eugene Schwartz blessed us with the idea of awareness. 

In simple words...

How much do your prospects know about the problem you solve? 

Let's say you write a biz opp sales letter.

You start saying the economy is in tatters...

And that people need to make more moolah fast to keep up with their bills.

This is a sign you don't understand people's awareness levels.


Because EVERYONE feels it in their bones that the economy is in bad shape right now. 

When you educate people on a problem they are already aware of, you bore them. 

A stronger approach is to talk about your solution...

And why it's different from the other 9483258329 options out there. 

Let's see another example. 

I'm putting the final touches on my new course.

It will help copywriters score the clients, make the money, and live the life they deserve... by overcoming their mindset blocks. 

For this offer, I don't have to talk about the state of the world. 

Nor do I have to explain why they need more moolah. 

What I do NEED to explain though is...

Why mindset is the main obstacle to achieving your goals. 

I've coached over 450 copywriters so far and it's clear as day:

Age, skills, location, network, experience, events, and books DON'T MATTER as much as you think. 

What matters is rewiring your mindset. 

That's what my upcoming offer will help you with and I'm freaking pumped about it. 

Anywho, let's get back to awareness.

Before writing a single line of copy, ask yourself:

Do I know my market's awareness levels or nah?

If the answer is nah, you got market research to do. 

If your understanding of your market's awareness level is off, you're dead in the water. 

That's OK if you are writing copy for a warm audience - they'll forgive you and you will make sales. 

But if you're writing for a cold audience? 

And your client spends money on FB ads or email drops? 

Boy oh boy...

I hope you get your awareness right.

Now, let me assure you, it's not as impossible as it sounds. 

But, you need practice. 

You can gain a phenomenal understanding of your market's awareness by studying what they already buy.

Study the marketing material - ads, emails, sales letters, etc.

Do they spend time explaining the problem in detail?

Or do they go straight into the solution?

If you will promote the offer using a certain media (email, FB ads, YouTube, TikTok, etc) what similar offers have crushed it in the past?

What offers have bombed horribly?

Look for common threads.

Take notes.

Write a couple of paragraphs about what people already know and believe about the problem and the solution.

Also, here's a tip from the trenches: 

Delete the first few lines, paragraphs, or even pages of your piece. 

Copywriters do lots of "throat clearing" when writing. 

This throat-clearing pumps boring words that nobody wants to read.

Delete them.

Start your copy at the good stuff.

And watch your conversions soar.


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