3 Mindset Tips To Defeat Imposter Syndrome (The Achilles Heel Of 95% Of All Copywriters)​

copywriting Aug 29, 2022

Whattup, it's Ning here.

I knew a copywriter who was $200k at 19 years old yet still felt afraid their clients would wake up one day and think they were a fraud.

Imposter syndrome is RAMPANT in the copywriting world...

And at nearly every stage people are:

- Comparing themselves to people "better" than they are (Translation: they've just been doing it for a longer time)

- Terrified of not being good enough

- Scared of taking action because they feel like they’ll fail (in reality, failure is good and it’s a necessary learning experience)

- People pleasing their clients because they have a scarcity mindset around money and getting clients

- Self-sabotaging their own progress / success because their mind keeps yelling at them... You're a fraud! You're a fraud! You're a fraud!

If this is you - I want to give you 3 tips to defeat imposter syndrome and improve your mindset today. 

Let’s get started…

Tip #1: Close Your Eyes And Talk To Your Inner Child

All these problems are rooted in your childhood, and in your interaction with your parents. 

Many times, what you hear in your head is your parent’s voice. 

So if you had parents who always compared you to others “better” than you in some way…

You’ll tend to do that to yourself. 

If you feel like you’re not good enough…

It may come from growing up feeling like you weren’t good enough to win mom and dad’s love and / or validation. 

If you’re terrified of failing…

It may come from being punished for failure as a child. 

It’s like there’s a child version of you inside your head, replaying certain memories and scripts while you’re trying to write copy or talk to clients.

This “inner child” is the one struggling with imposter syndrome…

And believe it or not, there’s a way to change how your inner child thinks, behaves, and acts. 

It’s simple.

You close your eyes, visualize a child version of yourself in front of you, and talk to them.

Have a conversation with them like they were a real child in front of you, struggling with the problem or the feeling they’re having. 

And here’s the key that produces change:

Re-parent your inner child. 

You can visualize anything you want during this simple “inner child meditation.”

If they were punished for failure… accept your inner child’s failure and let them know it’s okay to fail and you still love them. 

If they feel like they’re not good enough… give them what they need and show them love so that they do feel good enough.

If they feel like a fraud… let them know they’re not a fraud. 

Some memories may come up.

You can visualize “taking over” the parenting role in these memories, letting your inner child know that YOU are the one taking care of them now… 

Not mom and dad. 

And you’re gonna take care of them differently now. 

How are you going to react to this particular situation or memory differently than your parents did?

Let your inner child know. 

Tip #2: Deal With Your Inner Child’s Resistance With Boundaries And Proof

When you start doing these little meditations, you will most likely run into some resistance with your inner child. 

They’ve been thinking this way for years… your entire life, in fact. 

So how do you deal with this resistance?

First, figure out what that resistance looks and feels like. 

What is your inner child doing in your mind? How are they responding? What are they feeling or saying?

You can let your inner child know…

That they learned whatever “stuck belief” they have from their childhood… most likely from mom and dad (or whoever your caretakers were). 

But those were mom and dad’s beliefs…

Let your inner child know they don’t have to copy or stick to those same beliefs anymore. 

This is called setting a boundary. 

Next, give them proof that the opposite of this “stuck belief” could be true. 

What’s some proof you’re NOT a fraud?

What’s some proof you ARE good enough?

This will help open up your inner child’s awareness and acceptance of different ways of thinking. 

Tip #3: Stop When Your Inner Child Accepts 

The New Reality And Is Happy With Your Re-parenting

Be prepared - when you start doing these “re-parenting meditations” where you have a little chat with your inner child…

It can get emotional. 

You’ll be facing some uncomfortable feelings and memories. 

If you do them correctly, without shaming or controlling your inner child…

You’ll have a release of emotion. 

You may cry, or feel a tight spot in your body release. 

That is the pain leaving your body. 

When you visualize your inner child and they are smiling, happy, and accepting of the lesson you have for them…

You are done with the meditation. 

In the coming days, pay attention to your thoughts around the situation. 

Most likely, your imposter syndrome will change. 

It will be reduced… the emotional charge around it will be less… and you’ll feel your thoughts and behavior patterns change. 

This is just the beginning.

The more time you spend talking to your inner child and re-parenting memories and behaviors…

The more you’ll free yourself from the mindset blocks holding you back. 

I’ve been doing this and teaching it to copywriters for close to 3 years now. 

And on September 12th, you can get a taste of it for yourself. 

I’m opening up my copywriting mentorship group on that date. 

It’ll be an 8-week coaching mentorship program focused on two things:

Copy feedback calls from me to improve your copy and client strategies…

And mindset calls from me helping you break through emotional and mental blocks holding you back. 

It’s gonna be awesome. 

I haven’t been coaching for about a month due to my Europe vacation…

So I’m itching to get back into it. 

So circle that date on your calendar… I’m pumped to help you skyrocket your copy skills, your mindset, and your income. 

Talk soon,





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