innocent mistake cost this A-list copywriter a ton of sales

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2023

When A-list copywriter, Paris Lampropoulos discovered copywriting, he was working in real estate. 

So he decided to write a sales letter selling a book... teaching people how to sell their house. 

It bombed.


Frustrated, he paid another copywriter to critique his work (smart move since it's nearly impossible to see your copy's blind spots)

The copywriter, paraphrased, said:

You spend the first few pages of the letter giving facts about how bad the market is. They already know this! That's why they want to sell their house. Remove those pages and start with the solution.

Paris applied the advice and BOOM - he got a ton of sales.

All because he removed stuff that was irrelevant to his target audience.

And this brings me to a mistake I see a lot of students make.

They use a lot of facts to try and make a point. 

So they write things like:


  • 39% of adults aged 18 years and over are overweight
  • 84.18% of households make less than $100k a year
  • 78% of Americans are stressed 


Chances are you do it as well.

But this is bad.


Because, just like Paris, you try to convince people they got a problem they already know they have.

Let's say you sell to overweight people.

Does it really make sense to throw an obesity statistic at them?


They ALREADY know they have excess weight to lose.

So using a statistic to prove that there's an obesity pandemic out there, doesn't prove your case.

In many cases, it might even hurt it.

(peoples eyes glaze over boring stuff)

My suggestion?

Ask yourself, "who am I selling to?"

Chances are, you sell to people who:

1) Already know the problem you help them solve

2) Already have used a bunch of solutions that failed

Your job then is to show them a cool solution that's completely unique.

As my mentor, Aaron Winter, once said:

“If they're selling peanut butter, you sell purple peanut butter.

If they're selling purple peanut butter, you sell purple dragon peanut butter.

If they're selling purple dragon peanut butter, you sell purple dragon unicorn peanut butter.”

In short...

Sell them something new damn it hahaha!

Something they’ve never heard before.

And start with the new stuff… not a statistic that will bore them.

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