Sacred Himalayan Orchid Makes Your Copy More Compelling?!

copywriting Jul 08, 2022

The most powerful lesson in copywriting boils down to this sentence:

This X gives you Y

The X part is also called the vehicle - a method, way, system, or a "thing" that helps your prospect achieve their goal.


If the vehicle is something they've heard before, they stop reading...

…and they won't buy. 

So your duty as a copywriter is to make your vehicle intriguing. 

And one of the skills you need for this is the ability to write curiosity-laden copy.

Curiosity is one of those superpowers that can turn an email, ad, sales letter, or any piece of copy into a blockbuster success.

Instead of pummeling your prospects with benefit after benefit...

You should also present interesting ideas that force people to read every single line of copy.

Makes sense so far?


So how do you write curiosity-laden copy?

You need something my good friend David Deutsch, one of the best copywriters alive, calls baiting the hook - you give them 90% of the "what it is" but leave off the 10%. 

Let's see an example, shall we?

Suppose you sell a supplement that has Bacopa, a herb that boosts memory. 

Unless your prospects are new in the "improve my memory" market, they've heard about Bacopa at least 144,029,304,235 times. 

So saying "improve your memory with Bacopa" gives people 100% of the hook and they’ll stop reading. 

How about... 

Improve your memory with this herb

A bit better...but a sophisticated prospect will guess we're talking about Bacopa.

Improve your memory with water hyssop

Water hyssop is another name for Bacopa that might trigger curiosity. 

However, people can easily Google "water hyssop" and find out we're talking about Bacopa. 

No bueno.

We're nowhere close to an "I've never heard about this before!" experience because we're missing curiosity ammo.

And do you know the best way to get curiosity ammo, my dear Top Gun?


Research always helps you come up with compelling vehicles.

I know because many moons ago I had to write a sales letter for a memory supplement containing Bacopa.

I had a hard time finding an exciting vehicle...

So I just researched the damned herb like a maniac.

Here's what I discovered:

  1. Bacopa grows all over the world and one of those places is the Himalayan mountains
  2. The Tibetan monks drink Bacopa tea to improve focus
  3. It looks like a white orchid

With this new information, I came up with this:

Eat this Sacred Himalayan Memory Orchid...And Your Mind Could Be 2X Sharper

Not bad right?

My vehicle was Sacred Himalayan Memory Orchid...

And it stood out like an unmasked person in mid-2020.

But how do you know if your vehicle is intriguing enough…

Or if it needs more work? 

That's where feedback from someone more experienced comes into play. 

I review all my students' copy and always make their vehicles more attention-grabbing. 

This way they deliver their work with confidence.

If they go against a control, they have a higher chance of winning…

When they win, they make their client happy and earn themselves a lot of the green stuff.


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We'll definitely re-open sometime in the future.

However last time we sold out fast and I expect the same next time.

So if you don't want to miss out? 

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- Ning 


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