The #1 Lesson in Copywriting

copywriting Jun 24, 2022


Watch this video I made on the #1 lesson (AND the #1 mistake I see) in copywriting.

When copywriters enter “Ning world,” they focus on 3 pillars to start:

Copywriting - the technical skill of selling through the written word

Clients - how to get clients who pay you the big moneys (and who you like working with)

Mindset - how to not freak out and have mental breakdowns while you’re doing all this (don’t worry, everybody gets them)

Master all 3 pillars, and your income will skyrocket.

Beyond that, if you hit the $30k-$40k a month range, you need NEW skill sets on top of all of that to go even higher. Skills like:

Offer creation
Hiring / delegation
Business operations
Managing a team
Money management

These are skills I’M still working on mastering.

But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I want to ease you into “Ning world”...

Not slam your face into it.

So let me start by sharing the “principles” of Team Ning - rules that all my top copywriting students live by.

Ning Copy Creed #1: Take MASSIVE Action

In other words… DO STUFF. Don’t NOT do stuff. Write more words. Read more copy. Hand copy promos. Get more feedback. Contact clients. When in doubt, write more copy. I don’t care if it sucks. Just keep writing.

Ning Copy Creed #2: Get Feedback On Your Copy

If you want MASSIVE improvement FAST, you just need to do one thing: cycle creed 1 and creed 2 over and over again. Write. Get feedback. Write. Get feedback. If that’s all you do, you’ll make huge leaps in your skill level.

But do me one favor… when you get feedback, please please PLEASE make sure you’re getting it from somebody you KNOW is good at copy. Preferably someone that the entire industry respects and acknowledges is legit, and preferably has a bunch of street cred and success to back them up.

Copy feedback from a person like this is absolute gold. When you’re getting this feedback, please put your ego to the side, open your ears up WIDE, and try to soak up as much as you can.

Another sneaky (but powerful) way you can get feedback is to look at data. Write something. Send it out. Look at the data to see how well your copy performed. Do this enough times, and you’ll start to see patterns. Repeat what works. Congratulations, that’s called learning!

Ning Copy Creed #3: Improve Your Mental Health

Every copywriter has hidden mental blocks that handicap their progress. This is the hardest creed to follow because it’s the hardest to learn on your own. For now, I suggest keeping a journal. Every day, reflect on yourself:

What are my thought and emotion patterns?
What mental blocks do I have when it comes to copy and clients?
What are my addictions?

As you journal, I’m going to give you one single statement that will change everything for you… and hopefully start your journey of self-awareness and mindset improvement.

That statement is:

90% of your thoughts and emotions are rooted in your childhood. These thought and emotion patterns will feel totally normal to you because they’re what you’ve been used to your entire life. However, these patterns are your cage - and they are holding you back from making more money, enjoying your life, having better relationships, and feeling more joy, peace, and love.

A healthy brain writes better copy.

How do you work on your mental health? If you come on to do coaching with me, I’ll walk you through visualizations of your childhood memories to reprogram your mindset blocks. I'll also give you a framework to work with so you can recognize and remove your mental blocks on your own.

Until then, keep that journal. Get therapy if you can. Read some books. (I suggest "The Truth" By Neil Strauss and "Facing Love Addiction" by Pia Melody.

That’s it!

Those are my 3 principles for producing world-class copywriters and marketers. 


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