The Double D's Approach to Charming Clients at Live Events

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2022

I love live events.

They're great for networking and closing business deals.


Most copywriters who go to those events reek of an "I want gigs, give them to me!" attitude.

Unfortunately, it comes off needy and will result in LESS gigs.

Today, I’m going to show you something I call the double d's approach to charming clients.

D.D. or doctor's diagnosis is what all high-level copywriters do when they talk to prospective clients.


You approach conversations with clients first as a friend… then as a doctor who diagnoses a patient. 

Chit-chat first, make them laugh, and socialize. 

Then, ask specific questions that help you identify their problems and needs. 

Finally, prescribe a solution. 

Let's see an example, shall we?

Hey man, my name is Ning. What's yours?

Nice to meet you, Ning. I'm Joe.

Nice to meet you, Joe. So, what brings you here?

I have a few offers and want to scale them on cold traffic.

Oh man, takes balls to tackle cold traffic haha! What vertical are you in?

Haha thanks! I'm in fitness. Started as an online trainer, did high ticket coaching, and switched to info products a couple of years ago.

Let's unwrap this...

I start with basic stuff like their name and what brings them to the event. 

You want to figure out if you talk to an offer owner, a media buyer, a seasoned copywriter, a beginner who discovered direct response last week, a bloodthirsty Sith Lord, or whatever. 

Ideally, you want to talk to offer owners only.


You still want to present yourself as a cool, capable dude/dudette to everyone you meet. 

After all, you don't know how big their network is.

(they might introduce you to an offer owner later or let you know of a cool opportunity ;-) )

Anywho, let's move on...

That's interesting. I know many online trainers who stick to high-ticket coaching. What made you switch to infoproducts?

I realized there's a limit to how many people I can help with coaching. But infoproducts are different. I can reach more people and have a much bigger impact on the world. 

I respect that, thanks for sharing. So, what's your highest converting offer right now?

Here, let me show you...

Whenever possible, I like sprinkling my experiences with other people in their vertical. 

I prove I have experience by showing it, not just telling. 

I also found that he genuinely wants to help as many people as possible. 

He's not in it just for the money and, personally, I love working with people like that. 

OK, here's the last part of the convo...

I see your sales letter targets both men and women. If you had to guess, are your clients mainly men, women, or a mix?

Hmmm, good question. I'd say 60% are men and 40% women.

That's great because this means your offer and copy resonate with both. Based on that, you could bump conversions with two different pages, one for men and one for women. Plus, it would probably cost less when you drive cold traffic 

Man, I've been meaning to do this but it feels overwhelming, you know? It took me two months to write only 40 pages! 

Yeah, it could be hard but here's something cool - you can just change the headline, lead, and testimonials. The rest of the letter stays the same. So, instead of tweaking 40 pages, you tweak the first 10. Then target either men or women with your ads and you're good

Damn, this makes sense! Just curious, is tweaking those 10 pages something you can do? I already got too much on my plate and you seem to know your stuff 

How do you like them apple pies, my dear Top Gun?

No hard pitching.

Just a value-first mindset while I position myself as someone who knows his stuff.

That's the power of the D.D. approach.

With it, you don't have to close clients - they close themselves.

And guess what?

You can use this approach with email, Zoom, and phone calls - it's not limited to live events.

It works everywhere because that's how people like being sold.

Of course, what I shared above is one part of the client-getting process.

You still have to figure out:

  • the right events to attend
  • which clients will be a pleasure or a nightmare to work with


  • what to do if they're not ready to hire you right now


  • how to tastefully follow up
  • how to present your prices so you get paid what you're worth…instead of burning bridges and having prospects badmouth you to their network
  • and much more 

Would you like some help with those steps? 

If so, I invite you to check my "Zero to $5K."

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