The Elusive "IT" Factor for What Makes a Great Copywriter

copywriting Aug 14, 2022

Many believe that there are only 3 qualities necessary for becoming a great copywriter:

1) Good copy

2) Delivering on time

3) Pleasant to work with

However, I'd like to add a fourth quality.

It's one that can easily add an extra zero to your bank account.

It's not a skill you develop after decades of studying and hard work.

In fact, it's something I'll teach you in a few minutes...

...and you can start applying by the end of the day.

I'm talking about...

Viewing yourself as a business partner

Instead of just delivering copy, you always look for ways to help the business grow or tackle pressing issues.

(You literally behave like a partner who gets a headache when something bad happens hahaha!)

"Sounds cool, Ning, but how can I do that?" 

First, gain a solid understanding of the business. 

Discover as much as possible about their offers, numbers, customers, urgent problems, goals for the next 6-18 months, etc. 

Next, flex your creativity muscle and come up with solutions and ideas.

Ideally those solutions and ideas will be copywriting specific so you can also pitch your services ;-)

But if you find something that helps and has nothing to do with copywriting...let them know (Good karma goes a long way in our business and any decent client appreciates the effort.)

And here's something cool:

In some cases, you can tap into the knowledge you have from areas outside of copywriting. 

Let's say in your previous job you were formatting ebooks.

You look at the business' ebooks and notice that they are dry like university textbooks.

This is bad because consumption - aka whether people read, understand, and act on the information - drops when the ebook is presented in a non-user-friendly way.

Let the business owner know and support your argument with your experience. 

Suggest fixes to their current or future e-books. 

If you're interested, turn this into a project you tackle yourself...on top of the work you already do for them. 

Or suppose the business sells an info product and refund rates are a whopping 50% (yikes!)

People who refund complain that it takes a long time to see results. 

What can you do here?

Well, refunds drop if buyers enjoy a quick win.

For example, many weight loss offers give people a way to lose weight fast. 

This is done strategically. 

Offer owners know that if someone loses weight fast, they'll be happy, excited, and waaaaaaay less likely to ask for their moolah back. 

So, you could come up with a quick win for the info product. 

It could be a bonus report you write yourself...

...and get paid handsomely for it.

I hope you realize how powerful this quality is, my dear Top Gun.

You approach the biz from a partner mindset.

You discover problems and offer solutions.

Sure, your solutions will not always be accepted - that's part of the game.

Your job is to spot them and figure out ways to deal with problems and seize opportunities...

...just like a partner whose income relies on the business' well-being.

If the business hires more than one copywriter, you'll stand out like an honest politician and enjoy preferential treatment.

If you're the only copywriter, you just positioned yourself as an asset instead of a plain hired pen.

That's all for today, copywriting brotha/sista.

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Talk to ya soon,

- Ning


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