These 5 Categories Reveal If Your Clients Are Marriage Material

copywriting Aug 26, 2022

Are your clients marriage material?

Meaning, are they great people you should keep working long-term with...

Or are they only good for a one-time fling?

If you're unsure, today I'll give ya some much-needed clarity.

We'll rank your clients from 1-3 in the following categories

  • Time
  • Stress
  • Money
  • Learning
  • Reputation

Tip: Be clear-headed before ranking. 

If you just argued with a client, wait 1-2 days - you'll be more honest and less emotional. 


When you’re done, you want to take a long hard look at your ranking.

Ask yourself if staying with this client is congruent with your goals..

Or you have to drop them to achieve what you want faster.

Let's see an example:

  • Time - You're their main copywriter so you have to constantly come up with new ideas for emails and ads. Every once in a while you'll have to write a VSL (video sales letter) script on top of everything else. Finding and working with new clients is impossible. Score: 1
  • Stress - They are super laid-back and don't mind if you miss a deadline here and there. They also forward you memes they think you'll love hahaha. Score: 3
  • Money - It's good. However, they don't offer bonuses or royalties due to tight profit margins. Score: 2 
  • Learning - They are decent copywriters and their feedback helps you improve faster. However, there's also a small amount of repetition that makes you feel bored every once in a while. Score: 2
  • Reputation - They spend zero time on social media and never attend events. They avoid joint ventures. You can't piggyback off their reputation to get better clients since almost nobody knows them. Score: 1

Average ranking = 1.8

So what do you do with this client?

Do you drop them?

Or do you continue working with them?

Here's my gangsta advice:

~ drum rolls ~

No idea! 


My opinion doesn't matter here, my dear Top Gun.

It depends on what you want. 

Maybe you're at a point where stability and zero stress are important. 

This client is a great choice then. 

But if your goal is to work with the big direct response companies that give juicy royalties? 

You got a problem here.

You need clients who are well known in the industry...

And you'll have to figure out how to work fewer hours with your current client (unless you're OK leaving them and hustling hard for a few weeks or months)

Ultimately you should make those decisions. 

But hopefully, using those 5 categories to rank your clients will give you clarity.

Having said that:

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- Ning




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