TRIPLE Your Copywriting Income Or More In Just 2 Months With The Premier 1-On-1 Copy Coaching Program In Direct Response Marketing 


Close High-Paying Clients, Write A-List Level Copy, And Land $10,000+ Paychecks On Demand With The Mentoring Program That Makes It Damn Near Impossible For You To Lose

  • I’ve coached over 400+ copywriters from total beginners to experienced all-stars making $30k+ / month with hundreds of astonishing “rags to riches” success stories 
  • This is the #1 fastest way to drastically shortcut your path to a higher income while working fewer hours, enjoying more freedom, and living a happier, less stressful life 
  • Here’s how you take the leap, bet on yourself, and get the highest ROI you can spend money on with the best damn 1-on-1 copy coach in the business

Hey Marketing Top Gun,

It’s Ning here… and I want to be 100% honest with you.

If you want to add $5,000… $7,500… even $10,000 or more to your monthly copywriting income… 

I believe joining this 1-on-1 copy coaching program is the single best decision you can make. 

This belief is not fluff… 

It’s not made up marketing hype…

It’s something I truly, deeply believe. 


Because This World-Class Copy Coaching Program Has Consistently Produced Winner After Winner For 4 Years Straight 



For example:

Luke Mills coached with me for 1 year, then became Stefan Georgi’s right hand man. Today, this legendary tag team writes monster controls that earn Luke $30k-$50k / month in profit

Jonathan Fisher went from charging pennies on Fiverr and Upwork to landing $7,500 gigs writing sales letters huge financial publishers

Joel Boomer started with ZERO experience, ZERO clients, and ZERO income. Three months later, he landed a $5,000 sales letter gig. Today, he works with a world-class agency writing for different factions of Agora

Tiana Asperjan leveled up her copy income past $10k / month in 8 weeks of coaching by landing a retainer with a “whale client” - the owner of one of the biggest health email lists in the industry

Eric Panter more than TRIPLED his income in 2 months and called this coaching program “one of the most pivotal and most defining decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. And I say this with 100% complete sincerity.”

That’s just a few of the incredible stories I’ll share with you today. 

I’ve helped students add $3,000… $5,000… even $10,000 to their bank accounts FAST... 

ERASE imposter syndrome, procrastination, excessive perfectionism, and other mindset blocks…

And close dream-clients after sending just 1 email.

As a result, these copywriters have drastically accelerated their copy careers faster than they ever thought possible. 

Huge Leaps In Income Like You See Above Are 100% Possible For You, No Matter WHO You Are Or What Level Of Copywriting You’re At


Just check out what my past students have had to say: 

Jon Fisher - “Very quickly, I was making massive gains to my skill set. It was incredible. In a period of 9 days, I got a bunch of clients. This is the thing that makes this program, in my opinion, the best I’ve ever seen.”


Tom Clayson - “Within 30 days of the program ending, I had 2 big retainer clients paying me $1,000 a month and $5,000 a month, respectively. It’s only gotten better since.”


Tiana Asperjan - “My income has shot up over $10k a month as a freelance copywriter. Ning has truly been with me every step of the way, I cannot recommend him and his coaching program any more highly.”


Please do click on those videos and watch them - they are 100% real, from real copywriters in the industry.  

If you don’t believe me, just find them on Facebook and ask them.  

Here’s the thing… 

This copy coaching program is as legit as they come. 

You WILL learn how to make gobs and gobs of money as a copywriter.  

You’ll discover how to out-position your competition in today’s crowded copywriting market… 

How to succeed even if other programs and courses have failed you… 

And how to finally achieve your dream life of financial freedom where you get to travel when you want…  

Eat out at restaurants whenever you want… 

And do whatever you damn well please with your bloated bank account, because…

This 1-On-1 Copy Coaching Program Is Unlike 

Any Other Course Or Coaching Program Out There

My name is Ning Li and I’ve been a professional copywriter for over 7 years. 

You don’t have to worry about being coached by someone who isn’t “actually doing it” because I am STILL actively writing copy… 

Leading the marketing team at PaleoHacks, an 8 figure cookbook company, at the cutting edge of direct response marketing… 

And proving my copy chops are sharp through winning split tests and data.

My copy has sold over $30 million worth of products. 

My cold traffic funnels and upsells are responsible for over 300,000 front end acquisitions and counting. 

I’ve had multiple offers hit the absurd “1000 sales a day” level.  

It’s why legit A-list copy legends like Stefan Georgi, Justin Goff, and Dan Ferrari all give me props:

Dan Ferrari, World's #1 Financial Copywriting Coach


"These dudes are the real deal! Austin & Ning have been cranking some of the most profit shattering sales letters I’ve ever seen. In fact, to keep an edge with my ad agency, I make it a priority to hire them on the spot provided they’re not already overbooked. 

I wish I had people of their caliber mentoring me when I was getting started. Let’s just say I estimate I would be at least 5 years ahead of the curve."

Derek Johanson, Founder of


"When Austin & Ning joined Copy Hour Class 2016, no one knew who they were. I’ve since seen them rise to superstardom & produce million dollar sales letters. I’m still baffled at how fast they’ve learned the craft. If you really want to master the art of effective copy & learn how to build your copywriting freelance business at the same time, then you owe it to yourself to check them out. Just do what they say and you’ll thank me later "

Stefan Georgi 


"There are few people I know who truly understand copywriting on a fundamental level, yet Ning Li is one of them. A brilliant marketing mind and an exceptional writer, he has a gift for taking his vast knowledge and distilling it down into essential chunks that anyone can grasp. Whether you’re a beginner, or seasoned pro, or a verified A Lister, you can absolutely benefit from a conversation with Ning. We’ve been lucky enough to have Ning as a coach in our Copy Accelerator program for the last 6 months or so, and it’s borderline-outrageous how much our copywriters have benefitted from his coaching. From his keen eye for detail to his brilliant brain, I’ve seen a single phone call with Ning benefit writers more than years of self-directed study or binging courses. Seriously, if you’ve got the opportunity to work with Ning in any capacity, do so immediately. I guarantee you will be happy that you did."

Justin Goff


"Ning Li is the marketing powerhouse behind PaleoHacks explosive growth these past few years. He makes great decisions in writing copy, implementing upsells, and he’s also a pleasure to be around.  Ning was our first 1-on-1 copy coach we hired in our Copy Accelerator program, and pretty much every writer who got on a call with him left amazing reviews. If you’re a copywriter and want to level up your game, I definitely recommend Ning's coaching. thank me later "

I’m One Of The Few Copywriting Coaches 

Who Is Still Actively Writing Million Dollar Copy

These days, I do just 2 things.  

I write and copy chief at PaleoHacks… and I coach copywriters.  

These are the two things I’m passionate about… 

That I LOVE doing and that give me energy… 

This is what I’m placed on this earth to do.  

I believe I’ve coached more copywriters 1-on-1 than any other person on this planet.  

After helping more than 400 students and seeing virtually every mistake a copywriter can make that STOPS them from making more money… 

I’ve refined my copy coaching into a 3-pronged attack.  

In other words…  


The Fastest Way To Level Your Copywriting Income 

Is To Focus On These 3 Core Areas:


First: Make Your Copy So Damn Good, You Can Pull Millions of Dollars Out of Thin Air On Demand

I’ve done it - over and over again.  

I know the blueprint.  

And I know how to upload it into your brain astonishingly fast… 

Because I’ve done that over and over again for students just like you. 

How in demand do you think you’ll be when business owners discover you have this skill? 

Many of my students literally have clients FIGHTING each other to pay them more, so they can keep the writer all to themselves.   

This is why Dave Sinick and Mike Geary pay for so many nice things for me… 

Because once you have this skill, everyone wants you to write for them. 

The best part is… once you acquire this skill, you have it FOREVER.

No one can take it away from you.  

And it will continue to stuff cash into your bank account for the rest of your entire life. 


Second: Get In With Top Tier Clients Who Pay You Fat Stacks Of Cash Up Front With ZERO Hesitation 

(BOOM, Congrats - You Now Have An A-List Reputation)

This is where most copywriters run their heads into a wall (repeatedly).  

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar: 

  • You send 30 emails reaching out to clients, only to get ZERO responses back 
  • When you do get a reply, you get paid a PITIFUL amount of money… and trying to GET that money from the client feels like pulling teeth 
  • You’re working 24/7… you’re so stressed you can barely sleep… yet you’re barely making enough to cover living expenses 
  • You’re on a feast-or-famine merry-go-round cycle of freelance - one month, you’re doing well… the next month, you’re barely making anything 
  • You just have no clue how to break through your plateau so you can make more damn money! 

These problems are caused by one thing:  

Bad Client Strategy


Most copywriters have NO CLUE how good it can be on the other side. 

For example… 

In my own copy career, clients have: 

  • PAID for my 2 month vacation to Hawaii 
  • PAID my entire $30,000 per year Copy Accelerator membership for 3 years straight 
  • PAID for me to go to a $5,000 mastermind at Mike Geary’s ski mansion in Utah 
  • Fully covered all travel expenses to any copywriting event I decide to go to 
  • Surprised me with a ticket to Kelly Slater Surf Ranch (a Disneyland for surfers) as a “thank you gift” - the normal entry fee for the surf ranch is $50,000 
  • Given me “infinite paid vacation days” (yes, really) 
  • Paid for my health insurance 
  • Granted me whatever performance bonuses I want (and they pay them on the regular) 
  • Randomly dropped thousands of dollars of “bonuses” into my bank account out of the blue to show how much they appreciate me 


Yes, all of this actually happened.  

No, I’m not making any of this up.  

99% of copywriters don’t even know clients like this exist… 

It’s not even in their REALITY. 

Until I show them it’s possible for ANY copywriter to land DREAM clients like these… 

Faster than you ever thought was reasonable… 

With as little effort as sending 1 dinky email.  

I know that’s a huge claim. 

I fully intend to back it up.  

The third focus of the coaching program is what makes it TRULY unique…


Lastly: Bulletproof Your Mindset By Removing Imposter Syndrome, Negative Thoughts, And Any Other Mental Block Holding You Back

The third and final focus is the one thing that can hold you back from achieving your goals… 

Even if you have BOTH copy and clients handled… 

That’s your mindset.  

You see, I’ve got this weird gift - it’s almost like a mini-superpower.  

I can totally rewire the way your brain works simply by talking to you for 15 minutes.  

If you’ve heard rumors in the underground about the “mindset work” I do… 

Pretty much anyone who’s been through it will tell you it’s changed their life. 

I cured one student from 20 years of suicidal thoughts in 6 weeks.  

I’ve helped other students release decades of pent-up depression, anxiety, anger, and low-self worth… 

Fix repeating patterns like procrastination, negative thoughts, imposter syndrome, and self-sabotage… 

All simply by doing one “mindset call” a week on Zoom. 


It’s Like Getting 5 Years Of Therapy Crammed Into 1 Month 

Yet I think it’s more than that… because “normal therapy” usually doesn’t work. 

I developed this unique gift from first learning “inner child work” from a man named Brent Charleton (it was expensive). 

I then put thousands of hours of his framework into practice fixing my OWN mindset issues… 

Combined it with astounding revelations from over 40 “sacred plant healing” ceremonies… 

And finally tweaked and adjusted my process so it’s ruthlessly efficient at fixing common copywriting problems like: 

  • Being afraid to charge higher fees for your services 
  • Constantly drowning under too much work because project scope gets out of hand (clients keep demanding more of you, yet you’re unable to say no) 
  • Always comparing yourself to others and feeling like a failure because they’re doing better than you 
  • Having a terrible money habits 
  • And more…


Fix These 3 Core Areas - Copy, Clients, And Mindset - And Your Career (Plus Your Income) Will Skyrocket To The Moon

Whatever your goals are… 

Whether that’s to hit $30k a month or more in income… 

Be respected and talked about in the industry (and have others whisper your name while calling you a “legend”)... 

Or to live a life of such abundance and freedom that you’re floating on cloud 9 day after day… 

This is the path to get there.  

This copy coaching program has produced hundreds of success stories and changed countless lives just like yours… 

Just look at what some of my past students have to say:

Eric Panter - “Every dollar I invested to that point in coaching has come back to me tenfold. My income is more than triple from when I started.”


Robert Segelquist - “He understands the psychology of how to work through it - more so than say a talk therapist. The results have been exponential for me. We pretty much conquered a suicidal hill I’ve been dealing with for 20 years.”


Carolyn Santo - “He’s helped me make my copy SO much better. So if you get a chance to work with him or have him look at your copy, you better grab it because it literally can change the way your career is going.”


Long story short… 

This shit works. 

Today, I’m Opening Up A Few Spots In This Coaching Program For Copywriters Who Are Ready For A Massive, Life-Changing Upgrade To Their Career

I must emphasize…  

There are a FEW spots open.  

I don’t know exactly how many.  

But the total number of students I take on in a month is limited by one constraining factor:  

My time. 

Which is an issue. 

I love helping as many copywriters as I can… 

But the demand for this coaching program is just so damn high.  

That’s not marketing fluff.  

That’s the truth.  

I have tons of writers hitting me up on Facebook all the time trying to get in…  

And I just can’t take everybody.  

So to iterate: there are only a few spots open.  

In a moment, I’ll share how you have the best chance of grabbing one of these coveted spots.  

But before I do, let me share exactly what you get when you join. 

Ning Li Copy Coaching Component #1: 

All-Access Private Slack Board

Above, you’ll see a screenshot of my copy coaching slack board.  

When you join the program, you’ll get an invite to this board. 

You’ll get your own “student channel.” 

This is where you can ask me any question you want.  

You’ll post your copy here for review and feedback.  

You’ll post screenshots of your interactions with clients so I can help you navigate your network.  

We’ll do mindset work here.  

The whole shebang.  

I’m on slack pretty much every day.  

My response time is short.  

This is where the meat and potatoes of the coaching happens.

Ning Li Copy Coaching Component #2: 

5+ Hours of Zoom Calls A Week 

(You Don’t Have To Attend All 5 Hours)

This is by far the most valuable part of the program… 

Because nothing shortcuts your copywriting progress faster than 1-on-1 feedback from a pro.  

I’d wager the difference between having a mentor and not having a mentor is 20X. 

As in, it takes you 20 years to get to a certain level of income without a mentor… 

As opposed to 1 year with the mentor.  

That’s why every week, I’ll hold “open hours” where I’m on Zoom. I post the hours every Monday. 

You bring your copy, clients, or mindset issues. 

I’ll give you feedback.  

Sometimes I’ll write copy in front of you to demonstrate a certain concept or I’ll edit your copy live.  

Sometimes I walk you through exactly what to write in an email to a client. 

Other times, I’ll point out mindset blocks that are holding you back and we’ll fix them together.  

Other students will be there, and you are welcome to watch me coach other copywriters as well.  

The more you listen to me talk about copy, clients, and mindset, the faster you will progress… 

And the more money you will make.  

The reason I put “5+” hours is because I will always make more time for you if we don’t get through everything. 

Ning Li Copy Coaching Component #3: 

1+ Hours Of Zoom Mindset Calls Per Week

This is where the mindset magic happens.  

If you’ve never experienced “Ning mindset work”, you’re in for a treat.  

On this call, we dive into the mental blocks holding you back and unwire them with powerful “inner child” visualizations.  

The most effective method I’ve found so far is to have “hot seats” where I work on one person’s mindset blocks at a time… 

While the rest watch.  

Then, we switch the hot seat and focus on another person.  

Again, my priority is to ensure that every single student gets serviced. 

That means if I can’t get through everyone who needs mindset work, I’ll just add more hours in the week. 

Ning Li Copy Coaching Component #4: 

Trello “Copywriter Goldmine” Access

You’ll also get access to a Trello board that’s full of resources for copywriters. 

At the top, you’ll see that there are over 80 copywriters on this board - some of the past student alumni I’ve coached.  

There are copywriting books and education materials…  

Swipes of promotions I’ve written or my colleagues I’ve written that have performed well…  

Templates and tools for writing copy, invoicing clients, and contracts with clients...  

And guides on how to land clients without friction.  

It’s a resource goldmine you get access to for life.

Ning Li Copy Coaching Component #5: 

Lifetime Access To Every Copy, Client, and Mindset Training I’ve EVER Created

In my coaching experience, I’ve seen time and time again… 

The more you listen to me talk about copy, clients, and mindset, the more money you will make.  

This, however, is limited by 1 factor… 

My time.  

I’ve solved that problem by filming my most common lessons… 

The fixes for the copy, clients, and mindset mistakes I see over and over again… 

And storing them in a master training library.  

Want to know how to scale up to get better clients? I made a video about that.  

Want to know the ingredients to good copy? There’s a book about that.  

How about templates for closing clients? Yup, you bet.  

It’s all here in one place. 

There’s also over 100+ hours of recordings of me coaching students over the past 4 years in the library.  

If you’re unsure what solution there is to your particular problem, just ask me and I’ll either answer it on the spot, point you to the right training, or even create a new training to go in the library for it. 

Here’s Everything You’re Getting When You Join Ning Li Copy Coaching Today


Ning Li Copy Coaching Components  =  Value (per month)


All-Access Private Slack Board  $500


5+ Hours Of Zoom Coaching Per Week  =  $15,000


1+ Hours Of Mindset Coaching Per Week  =  $4,750


Trello “Copywriter Goldmine” Access  =  $250


Access To Master Training Library  =  $5,000


TOTAL = $25,500


By the way… 

As a copywriter, you probably know that most people just “make up” these numbers on the right. 

That’s not the case here.  

If you were to approach me on the street and ask me for whatever’s in the left column… 

Those are the actual prices I would charge, based on what my hourly rate actually is.  

One month of Ning Li Copy Coaching totals $25,500 in value - and yes, I truly do believe it’s that valuable.   

If you were to pay that much, it would 100% be worth it.  

Consider how one of my students, Luke Mills, went from virtually nothing to making $50,000 a month in under a year of coaching with me.  

I actually went ahead and did the math in Google, and he’s currently (I’m writing this on February 6th, 2022) at a 52,174% return on his coaching investment.  

If you even got a FRACTION on that kind of return…

Your Investment In Copy Coaching Will Pay For Itself - And 3 Or 4 Nice Sports Cars 

Compare that to the $240,000 Cornell University teaching degree I spent 8 years getting.  

My return on that was about $15,000 I made from teaching middle school biology for half a year… AKA -$225,000. 

Nice… thanks, formal education. Well done.  

Anyways, I digress.  

Today you won’t be paying anywhere close to $25,500 a month for this coaching program.  

I’m not going to charge you $15,000 a month.  

I’m not even going to charge you $10,000 a month.  

I know most copywriters are still trying to figure this out, and can’t afford that type of rate yet - even though it’s well worth it. 

Today, I’m going to give you the lowest rate you will ever see my copy coaching at (it will very likely go up midway through the year).  

If you want to see what that rate is, go ahead and watch this video:


I require a minimum 2 month commitment if you want to join Ning Li Copy Coaching.  

That gives me enough time to get you the value you deserve.  

Give me 2 months, and I will change your life. 

Just like I have for my past students:

Luke Sipka - “By the third week, I was a totally different writer. It was worth every penny. I probably could’ve paid more.”


Brandon Hunt - “My offer is converting at 2.5% on cold traffic, I’m about to scale it up. If you’re on the fence, you should definitely do it.”


Andy Mukolo - “Ning’s coaching has been amazing and what I paid is nothing compared to the HUGE progress I made.”


So are you ready? 

Are you ready for a life changing upgrade to your copy career?

If You’re Interested In Grabbing A Coveted Spot In Ning Li Copy Coaching, Here’s What I Recommend You Do…

I am taking sign ups right now.  

As in today.  

I have no clue how much longer sign ups will be open.  

When I feel like I have enough students and that my time is filled up, I will take this page down.  

That could literally be any second, depending on when you see this.  

So if you’re ready to get started… 

Here’s what you can do next.  

Click the button below and fill out the application form. 

I will read it over and decide if you’re a good fit or not. 

Then, I will email you or hit you up on FB with my decision.  

If you get in, I will send you an invoice and an agreement to stay for 2 months. 

Once I get those back I will send you invites onto the Slack board, where we’ll get started and hit the ground running.  

If you don’t get in, please don’t take it personally.  

I truly do wish you the best, I just can’t take everybody. 

So without further ado, go ahead and click the button below to apply for Ning Li Copy Coaching today.  

Best of luck, and keep going, my friend.  


Ning Li

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