“uno to quatro” blueprint erases low-confidence in newbies

copywriting mindset Oct 14, 2022

Yo Copy Gangsta - it's Ning.

Here's a question I got from Brandon, a member of my Heart & Sword Copywriting Mastermind :

What knowledge should I be equipped with to get my first deal? I feel under-qualified when I see others discussing more advanced things such as broad marketing strategies (cart abandonment, what email sequence to use for what situation, sales letters, and other stuff…)

To start, is it just as simple as knowing how to write decent emails?

I know I’m an amateur, but I don’t want to sound clueless about what I’m offering.

Great question that deserves a detailed answer.

Let’s look at the facts.

There are lots of copywriting assets that business owners look for. 

Emails, headlines, leads, advertorials, ads, video scripts, sales letters, webinars, VSLs, and more. 

And get this:

Some clients prefer a certain style. 

They might want a sales letter that follows my style, Stefan Georgi's, or Kim Krause Schwalm's. So there are niches inside the copy assets you have to write. 

It's easy to get overwhelmed if you're a beginner.

And it’s easy to feel uncertain and doubt your skills.

So here's how we’ll erase any sign of low-confidence you currently experience:

Step Uno:

Choose a freelancing platform. 

Let's say you pick Upwork. 

Make an account there and browse ALL copywriting gigs.

Step Dos:

What are businesses looking for?

Are they looking for generic copywriters? Or are they looking for a certain kind of copywriter? (say someone who can write emails)

Do they want you to be well versed in a piece of software, like Slack? 

Look for trends. 

What is 50%-80% of the business owners on Upwork looking for?

Don't just spend an hour here.

Dig deep.

Once done…

Step Tres:

Put together a qualifications list. 

Let’s say Upwork businesses look for copywriters that:

1) Write story-based emails

2) Know how to use MailChimp

3) Respect deadlines

4) Have at least one year of experience

(The above is just an example)

When you make the list…

Step Quatro:

Be brutally HONEST with yourself.

Can you write story-based emails?

If so great.

If not, don't despair. Use Google and YouTube to learn the "how tos." Then spend a few hours each day practicing.

Do you know how to use MailChimp to load and send emails?

If not, again, don't despair. 

Create a free account, add yourself in a list, and practice loading and sending emails.

Next, do you respect deadlines? 

If not, here's some tough love: 

Clients can stomach copy that bombs, but they HATE people who don’t deliver on time. Don't go after copywriting gigs until you get your act together.

And as for experience?

Here's something to consider: 

Clients who ask for experience do so because they want to ensure you're not a clueless bum on Copy Street. 

If you prove to them that you got the chops, they'll give you a shot.

How do you prove you're not a bum on Copy Street?

Be candid. 

Say you're a newbie but you want to prove you got the chops. 

So have a sample written for them and share it. 

If you're OK with the idea, you can even suggest to write a couple emails for them at a discounted price. 

(Tip: Real business owners won't pressure you to do more free work than the sample you already delivered. The instant they saw your sample they knew if they wanted to pay you or not. If they insist on free work, walk away.)

If anything, you just proved people will give you a shot even if you got zero experience. 

Keep sending proposals.

Eventually, a client will bite.


Let's take a step back and see what we achieved with this “uno to quatro” blueprint so far:

  1. We picked a marketplace that has many copywriting gigs
  2. We researched what most businesses owners are looking for
  3. We put together a qualifications list
  4. We gave ourselves some tough love about what we can and can’t do

If you know what clients are looking for…

If you have written a bunch of samples…

And if you’re honest about your experience…

Then you’re 100% ready to start pitching people for gigs. 

Don’t let low-confidence steal from you the life you deserve, Copy Gangsta.

Talk to you soon,

- Ning

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