“uno to quatro” blueprint erases low-confidence in newbies

copywriting mindset Oct 14, 2022

Yo Copy Gangsta - it's Ning.

Here's a question I got from Brandon, a member of my Heart & Sword Copywriting Mastermind :

What knowledge should I be equipped with to get my first deal? I feel under-qualified when I see others discussing more advanced things such as broad marketing strategies (cart abandonment, what email sequence to use for what situation, sales letters, and other stuff…)

To start, is it just as simple as knowing how to write decent emails?

I know I’m an amateur, but I don’t want to sound clueless about what I’m offering.

Great question that deserves a detailed answer.

Let’s look at the facts.

There are lots of copywriting assets that business owners look for. 

Emails, headlines, leads, advertorials, ads, video scripts, sales letters, webinars, VSLs, and more. 

And get this:

Some clients prefer a certain style. 

They might want a sales letter that follows my style, Stefan Georgi's, or Kim Krause Schwalm's. So there...

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5 Mindset Blocks Holding You Back as a Copywriter (and How to Overcome Them Fast)

copywriting mindset Sep 20, 2022

After 7+ years of writing copy, and coaching over 400 students (on both copywriting skills and the mindset required to succeed)...

 I regularly see 5 common thought patterns that block copywriters from getting clients, slow down the writing process and prevent them from being paid what they’re worth. 

Take a look and see if any of these sound familiar to you (plus how to eliminate these barriers quickly) 

“I’m terrified of starting or reaching out to clients because I’m scared of failure / rejection”

Copywriters regularly ask advice on how to land clients, yet don’t take action on the methods they’ve learned. 


They’re afraid. They fear the potential client’s response and potential “rejection”. 

Where This Comes From

Virtually all emotional patterns and blocks come from your childhood and your interaction with your parents. Ask yourself this… where did you learn in your...

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Part 2: How Ayahuasca Ripped Apart My Soul, Nearly Ruined My Copywriting Career, Then Stitched Me Back Together Piece-By-Piece

mindset Jun 30, 2022

Part 2  
June 2021 

When I opened my eyes, I was ravenous - I had gone more than 24 hours without food.

I was also exhausted and weak.

I felt… clearer somehow as well.

The memories of the previous night of horror floated back into my mind.

I turned to Angel, who was also waking up, and said, "That was insane… I don’t think I can do the second night. That wasn’t anything like shrooms."

We discussed our individual experiences.

Angel was apparently vomiting the entire night…

But also had beautiful visions of the jungle.

She met and talked to Mother Aya, a wizened old grandmother with dark, bark-like skin.

She saw how this medicine was invented.

If you didn’t know… ayahuasca is brewed from a vine from one plant and a leaf from a totally different plant.

Each ingredient on its own does nothing.

Yet somehow… at some point… a tribe in the Amazon figured out that if you brewed these two completely different plants together,...

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How Ayahuasca Ripped Apart My Soul, Nearly Ruined My Copywriting Career, Then Stitched Me Back Together Piece-By-Piece

mindset Jun 28, 2022

Part 1  
June 2021 

I was confident as I sat down in a big “yurt-like” room for my first ayahuasca ceremony. 

Maybe a little too confident. 

I had fasted the entire day and my stomach was empty.

I had stuck to the “diet” that was given to me for the past 3 days - no sex, no red meat, healthy foods. 

I had done everything I could to maximize the effect of the medicine I was about to receive. 

My wife Angel and I had driven 7 hours from San Diego, California to Sedona, Arizona…

A town in the mountains adorned by red rock walls and mysterious “energy vortexes” according to the internet. 

These energy vortexes are supposedly catalysts for great spiritual change. 

At the time, I was already in the midst of great change. 

I had been doing intensive psycho-therapy work for 2 years - sometimes for hours every day. 

I had made huge, ground-breaking changes already to my finances and mental...

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Imposter syndrome, and how to stop comparing yourself to others

mindset Jun 20, 2022

Recently a young man came to me looking for help with a mindset block around imposter syndrome.

I LOVE helping people with this shit.

Funny story: this person (no lie) made $12.5 MILLION in a single deal in 2020 by taking advantage of an opportunity during the pandemic…

And then felt "lost and confused" for a year straight.

They had an internal script that was driving their money-making…

It was all about proving that they weren’t a failure to their father.

Once that purpose was achieved…

That internal script de-activated - thus the feeling of "lost and confused."


Fascinating stuff, right?

Today I want to chat with you about imposter syndrome.

Feeling like a fraud… and comparing yourself to other copywriters you see on Facebook posting about their awesome results and money numbers.

Does seeing these FB posts trigger you into feeling "less than" in worth and ability… and then do you overcompensate with a compulsive urge to try...

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