How To ACTUALLY Message Copywriting Clients To Close Deals And Get Paid (And Not Look Like An Absolute Buffoon)

I can’t get clients! I can’t get clients! I can’t get clients! 

I’ve heard this time and time again from copywriters…

Yet when I ask them to show me their outreach, it’s clear why:

Most copywriters have no clue how to talk to a client. 

I know in my last post, I mentioned how WRITING better copy is a way bigger leverage point than closing clients.  

That being said, I still see people make a ton of mistakes in their outreach. 

Let me share 3 big lessons that will help you close more clients.  

Lesson #1: Don’t Be A Beggar - Be A Doctor

Imagine you’re walking down the beautiful beach-side boardwalk in Pacific Beach, San Diego (where I live). 

You’re enjoying an amazing view…

Breathing in the salty ocean air…

Suddenly, a dirty, ragged homeless man approaches you from the side, surprising you. 

“Please sir, can you give me some money? Anything will help....

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