writing emails? I bet you butcher their l___c s_____n

Yo Copy Gangsta - it's Ning.

I've coached over 400 copywriters so far.

So check out my program, Zero To 5K.

"Huh? Ning, did you cut a few sentences here?"


I deliberately left an entire section out since I want your full attention for today's topic.

See, emails have 3 parts.

A beginning, a middle, and an end.

After coaching over 400 students, I noticed that most butcher the middle (also known as the logic skeleton)

The logic skeleton is what takes your reader from a state of intrigue to an "I gotta check this out now" state. 

Luckily nobody skips their logic skeleton as I did at the beginning...

But a lot of people make abrupt or clunky transitions to their CTA.

What's the fix?

For one, PRACTICE. 

I can share tons of tips, tricks, and principles with you. 

But if you don't sit your sweet buns down and write A LOT so you can internalize everything... you'll struggle. 

Already writing a lot?

You got two options.

Option number one is coaching. 


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