writing emails? I bet you butcher their l___c s_____n

Yo Copy Gangsta - it's Ning.

I've coached over 400 copywriters so far.

So check out my program, Zero To 5K.

"Huh? Ning, did you cut a few sentences here?"


I deliberately left an entire section out since I want your full attention for today's topic.

See, emails have 3 parts.

A beginning, a middle, and an end.

After coaching over 400 students, I noticed that most butcher the middle (also known as the logic skeleton)

The logic skeleton is what takes your reader from a state of intrigue to an "I gotta check this out now" state. 

Luckily nobody skips their logic skeleton as I did at the beginning...

But a lot of people make abrupt or clunky transitions to their CTA.

What's the fix?

For one, PRACTICE. 

I can share tons of tips, tricks, and principles with you. 

But if you don't sit your sweet buns down and write A LOT so you can internalize everything... you'll struggle. 

Already writing a lot?

You got two options.

Option number one is coaching. 


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“uno to quatro” blueprint erases low-confidence in newbies

copywriting mindset Oct 14, 2022

Yo Copy Gangsta - it's Ning.

Here's a question I got from Brandon, a member of my Heart & Sword Copywriting Mastermind :

What knowledge should I be equipped with to get my first deal? I feel under-qualified when I see others discussing more advanced things such as broad marketing strategies (cart abandonment, what email sequence to use for what situation, sales letters, and other stuff…)

To start, is it just as simple as knowing how to write decent emails?

I know I’m an amateur, but I don’t want to sound clueless about what I’m offering.

Great question that deserves a detailed answer.

Let’s look at the facts.

There are lots of copywriting assets that business owners look for. 

Emails, headlines, leads, advertorials, ads, video scripts, sales letters, webinars, VSLs, and more. 

And get this:

Some clients prefer a certain style. 

They might want a sales letter that follows my style, Stefan Georgi's, or Kim Krause Schwalm's. So there...

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"pen and paper" system for pumping out captivating copy

copywriting Oct 13, 2022

What would you say is the most important copy ingredient in the world?




Having a bazillion dollars to test stuff??

All those are good. 

But in Ning Li's world, the most important copy ingredient is what I call the VEHICLE. 

A vehicle is the "thing" that delivers a benefit.


  • Russian twist burns up to 2 pounds of belly fat
  • Poker-faced emoji triples Facebook ad conversions
  • 7-word sentence flips price objections

The italicized words are the vehicles.

Simple concept...

But many struggle to come up with an interesting vehicle that grabs people and commands their attention. 

That's why I'll share a simple exercise that will turn you into a vehicle-creating monster. 

This exercise requires a bit of thinking. 

(And that's non-negotiable btw. If you want to make the big bucks as a copywriter, you need to think.)

Here's what to do:

Take a pen and paper and write down 10 different descriptions for whatever you're selling. 


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5 Mindset Blocks Holding You Back as a Copywriter (and How to Overcome Them Fast)

copywriting mindset Sep 20, 2022

After 7+ years of writing copy, and coaching over 400 students (on both copywriting skills and the mindset required to succeed)...

 I regularly see 5 common thought patterns that block copywriters from getting clients, slow down the writing process and prevent them from being paid what they’re worth. 

Take a look and see if any of these sound familiar to you (plus how to eliminate these barriers quickly) 

“I’m terrified of starting or reaching out to clients because I’m scared of failure / rejection”

Copywriters regularly ask advice on how to land clients, yet don’t take action on the methods they’ve learned. 


They’re afraid. They fear the potential client’s response and potential “rejection”. 

Where This Comes From

Virtually all emotional patterns and blocks come from your childhood and your interaction with your parents. Ask yourself this… where did you learn in your...

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How To ACTUALLY Message Copywriting Clients To Close Deals And Get Paid (And Not Look Like An Absolute Buffoon)

I can’t get clients! I can’t get clients! I can’t get clients! 

I’ve heard this time and time again from copywriters…

Yet when I ask them to show me their outreach, it’s clear why:

Most copywriters have no clue how to talk to a client. 

I know in my last post, I mentioned how WRITING better copy is a way bigger leverage point than closing clients.  

That being said, I still see people make a ton of mistakes in their outreach. 

Let me share 3 big lessons that will help you close more clients.  

Lesson #1: Don’t Be A Beggar - Be A Doctor

Imagine you’re walking down the beautiful beach-side boardwalk in Pacific Beach, San Diego (where I live). 

You’re enjoying an amazing view…

Breathing in the salty ocean air…

Suddenly, a dirty, ragged homeless man approaches you from the side, surprising you. 

“Please sir, can you give me some money? Anything will help....

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How To Double Your Monthly Copywriting Income At Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced (You Need A Different Strategy For Each Stage)

copywriting Sep 10, 2022

How To Double Your Income As A Beginner Copywriter (0-$2,000 / month):

The ONE thing you should focus on:

  • Improve your copy skill for all formats (emails, landing pages, upsells, ads, long form), learn how to write and sell well, consistently “execute on writing copy”well

Here’s what you should do:

  • Write a crapload of words - put in the reps
  • Consume trainings, courses, resources, and coaching
  • Focus on learning
  • Get quality feedback on your copy
  • Repeat, over and over again

Here’s what to do next:

  • Once your skill is good and your writing improves (learn how to self-assess), do some free work to get experience, put together a portfolio, and get some low-level clients
  • Once you do that, get more clients —> boom, your income has doubled

How To Double Your Income As An Intermediate Copywriter ($2,000-$10,000 / month):

The ONE thing you should focus on:

  • Learn what offers work and what offers flop, learn how copy integrates into a business, learn how to...
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3 Mindset Tips To Defeat Imposter Syndrome (The Achilles Heel Of 95% Of All Copywriters)​

copywriting Aug 29, 2022

Whattup, it's Ning here.

I knew a copywriter who was $200k at 19 years old yet still felt afraid their clients would wake up one day and think they were a fraud.

Imposter syndrome is RAMPANT in the copywriting world...

And at nearly every stage people are:

- Comparing themselves to people "better" than they are (Translation: they've just been doing it for a longer time)

- Terrified of not being good enough

- Scared of taking action because they feel like they’ll fail (in reality, failure is good and it’s a necessary learning experience)

- People pleasing their clients because they have a scarcity mindset around money and getting clients

- Self-sabotaging their own progress / success because their mind keeps yelling at them... You're a fraud! You're a fraud! You're a fraud!

If this is you - I want to give you 3 tips to defeat imposter syndrome and improve your mindset today. 

Let’s get started…

Tip #1: Close Your Eyes And Talk To Your Inner Child


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Elegantly Deal With The "It's Too Expensive" Objection

copywriting Aug 28, 2022

Let's face it:

Some day a prospect will say that your prices are too high for them. 

When this happens you have three options:

1) Walk away

2) Accept a lower price 

3) Negotiate

I don't like option 1 because it reinforces a "giving up easily" mindset.

And the only time you should accept option 2 is if you desperately and urgently need the money. 


If you want to make the big bucks, you should negotiate. 

"Easier said than done, Ning! How am I even supposed to do this when they rejected my initial proposal?" 

Let's take a step back and look at the facts.

Why does the business owner want to work with you?

Because they believe you and your copy will help them fulfill their desire.

What's their desire?

To make X amount of money.

To make this amount, they are willing to part away with as much as Y.

If you ask for more than Y, they reject your offer.

Here's what your prospect is thinking inside their head when you present them your price:

"I want to make...

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How To Repel Prospects And Annoy Business Owners

copywriting Aug 27, 2022

I used to think there was a right and wrong way to approach business owners.

But recently I discovered there's also a HORRIBLE way.

I'm not talking about spamming people with canned messages.

I'm talking about approaching business owners with a know-it-all attitude that makes you reek of inexperience and bad manners. 

Here's an example of a cold outreach message:

"Hey, your sales letter is bad and makes you lose lots of sales. I'm an experienced copywriter and I'd love to help you fix it. Are you interested?"

^ Yes, this is an actual message copywriters send to business owners.

The person sending it is rude, no questions. 

But they also displayed their ignorance. 

Read this part again:

"Makes you lose lots of sales"

Really now?

Does this person have access to the business's numbers?

Did they chat with someone who works there?

Heck, did they see the numbers on a crystal ball?

There's the old saying "assuming makes an ass out of you and me"

Well, in this case assuming...

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These 5 Categories Reveal If Your Clients Are Marriage Material

copywriting Aug 26, 2022

Are your clients marriage material?

Meaning, are they great people you should keep working long-term with...

Or are they only good for a one-time fling?

If you're unsure, today I'll give ya some much-needed clarity.

We'll rank your clients from 1-3 in the following categories

  • Time
  • Stress
  • Money
  • Learning
  • Reputation

Tip: Be clear-headed before ranking. 

If you just argued with a client, wait 1-2 days - you'll be more honest and less emotional. 


When you’re done, you want to take a long hard look at your ranking.

Ask yourself if staying with this client is congruent with your goals..

Or you have to drop them to achieve what you want faster.

Let's see an example:

  • Time - You're their main copywriter so you have to constantly come up with new ideas for emails and ads. Every once in a while you'll have to write a VSL (video sales letter) script on top of everything else. Finding and working with new clients is impossible. Score: 1
  • Stress - They are super laid-back...
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